Joe Rogan Experience #692 – Jay Leno

Jay Leno is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, voice actor, and television host. He was the host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and currently hosts “Jay Leno’s Garage” available on YouTube.

48 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #692 – Jay Leno

  1. bullshit rogan sold out to the goverment! nothing but a pussy its obvious they faked it! and the earth is flat without question over 200 proofs see; 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball by eric dubay

  2. Call me ignorant, but until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Joe Rogan. Since then I have watched several of his podcasts and I have found them to be extremely intelligent and captivating. Some of his interviews, like with Jay Leno and Jim Jefferies are simply astounding. You don't know these people at all unless you have seen these interviews. Joe Rogan, you are amazing!

  3. Around 1:11:40 I'm not sure I agree. I have been watching this interview and, to be honest, thus far it has been amazing and gut-wrenchingly funny at points. I don't think you necessarily have to be there live to appreciate the humor fully. Yes, people get caught up in the moment at a live performance; but just remember that using crowd mentality is also how Hitler got the crowds going. However, if the performer is truly great, you would still be laughing your ass off even in a dark room all by your self watching the performance on a computer screen.

  4. Best late night show host of all time by far. and he was clean and politically neutral. Show was respectful enough i was allowed to stay up and watch it every night from as early as i can remember as a kid. not sure you can say the same for the late shows being broadcasted now. maybe jimmy kimmel. not sure if ill let my son stay up to watch these shows like i did. i've been a huge fan since 7yo maybe earlier i honestly don't even know.

  5. joe and jay both represent the B class of comedians just like musicians they do cruise ships and small rooms and festivals but are never uber talented enough to rise above however like these two they can make a lot of money with luck, over time as they deny their B talent more more because of the 'hey im famous i must be good" syndrome they tend to become bitter over time and look for ways to rationalize the fact that they are just a B level talent no shame in that but unlike sports there is no definitive proof you are a bronze medalist as it were

  6. When he said the big mafia wasn't Italian anymore but wouldn't say who it was now what were ya'll thinking. I don't think it's racist any more then saying they were Italian. Although I'm sure the Italian mob is still pretty big.

  7. Rodney Dangerfild wasnt called Jack Roy. jack Roy was his stage name. A namne he took to follow his estranged father into showbiz. His father was also a comedian. Both his parents gave him no love, no hugs, no words and believe it or not NO Respect.Rodney  said that laughter was the only thing that made him fell wanted. Rodney is the BOSS. Jay Leno must be gtting forgetful in his old age.Im bing kind to him there as Rodneys real name was  Percival Sweetwater, a name no doubt enyone would remember.

  8. Jay leno is a total class act…and those stories…wow…joe is trying to keep up…lol funny how joe tried to belittle kenison but jay wasnt gonna have none of it…good for for you jay…shame in you joe

  9. Check out Martin Bros. Customs outside of Austin, Joe. Joe Martin is a badass metal fabricator.

    You can see his work on the show "Iron Resurrection" on Velocity/MotorTrend.

  10. Jay wants you to know how smart he is, but can't prevent revealing how dumb he is.
    @26:20 He talks about the smart move he made by turning down $100 from a mobster…one minute later he's accepting a gun from a mobster.

  11. @11:38…everyone left the Tonight Show at #1…really, Jay?? That was a dig at Conan. He never mentions Conan as Tonight Show host. Conan never left at #1 because Jay never really left. Conan never had a chance w/ Jay hanging around NBC. Jay wanted to go on before Tonight Show, eventually moving The Tonight Show to 12:05am, and The Jay Leno Show would air before that. Conan did Late Night 15 years, waiting for his opportunity to host Tonight Show. When he finally got it, Jay wouldn't leave. Carson didn't hang around NBC after Leno took over. Why would Leno hang around after Conan took over? You give the new kid a chance. Leno tricked Carson, screwed Letterman, and double-crossed Conan. #TeamCOCO

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