The Architect of the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Program, James Mitchell

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The Senate Intelligence Committee has released a blistering, 500-page report on the CIA’s controversial detention and interrogation program, a document that committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said represents the most significant oversight effort in the history of the US Senate.

The $40 million, five-year study concluded that CIA officials exaggerated the value of the intelligence they gleaned from dozens of “high-value detainees” held at black site prisons, where they were subjected to so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” such as sleep deprivation and waterboarding.

The committee reviewed more than 6 million pages of top-secret CIA documents and found that the architect of the interrogation program was a retired Air Force psychologist named James Mitchell, an agency contractor who — according to news reports — personally waterboarded alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The Senate report does not identify Mitchell by name.

Mitchell has a signed a non-disclosure agreement with the CIA and was unable to discuss his alleged role in the agency’s enhanced interrogation program, but VICE News met up with him in suburban Florida to discuss the Senate’s report and one of the darkest chapters of the war on terror. This is the first time Mitchell has ever appeared on camera.

Editor’s note: One week after this video was released the restrictions on Mitchell’s non-disclosure agreement were loosened. In an exclusive follow-up interview with VICE News, Mitchell admitted that he was the interrogator who personally waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, al Qaeda facilitator Abu Zubaydah, and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the accused mastermind behind the USS Cole bombing –

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50 thoughts on “The Architect of the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Program, James Mitchell

  1. I’m still having a hard time feeling sorry for a group of people who kill and torture and cause so much devastation and misery for no reason. Some sleep deprivation and an insulting slap and a water boarding or two is the least we can do. Why is everyone griping about Mitchell? How about the lawyer for Abdul?

  2. I like the line," But literally when you wanna kill my friends, and you wanna kill my family, and you wanna destroy my way of life, you've got my full attention."

  3. Why hasn't this arsehole been struck off the medical register? Psychologists are part of the medical profession aren't they? They all sign the Hippocratic oath don't they? Namely, 'Do No Harm.' I'd say torture does irreparable harm to mind and body. Some torture victims can't stop shaking and revert to an infantile state, bed wetting, weeping for no apparent reason, PTSD, suicide. And don't give me the, "My best pal was murdered by bad guys." Trump sends missiles to vaporise lots of innocents because he's had a toddler tantrum. A real war on global terrorism would have the US as, global terrorist number one. The cunts actually believe they have the right to torture and murder with impunity.

  4. If they were smart they would give them some brillo a crack stem and a hand full of the vest crack rocks .let them stay up for a couple days and get really fucked up and don't give them anymore.andvtheybwill start Fein and start talking lololo

  5. Nice seeing him out for a canoe ride. Hopefully someday he'll have as eventful a trip as did William Colby. Unfortunately for this country, it's guys like this shitbag who are regarded as "heroes" while a man like Colby was assassinated for outing government sponsored assassination and the testing of drugs on unsuspecting pregnant woman and collage kids by the CIA.

  6. Geneva Conventions and such are for legitimate POWs fighting in a national army and wearing its uniform. These jihadi bastards were not wearing any uniforms or fighting in any country's army. Do whatever you must to extract useful information from them, or summarily shoot them, before they or their Muslim cronies fly any more planes into any more buildings.

  7. I don't think this guy is really being honest with himself or the public …the in Vietnam waterboarding was torture by drowning how has that changed ?? I really don't think this an be disassociated from the ethical side of it …if there is no ethics why no chem ar , why the geneva convention etc

  8. Look the fucking bottom line is war is hell its not fair and it's being fought by an enemy that Americans don't understand we need special circumstances to fight against these people they don't wear uniforms they will have there own kid or wife hide a bomb on them to kill as many people as they can. We need men like him

  9. I am enraged and disgusted with everyone on here who wants to uphold the savagery that is torture. You are demonic and you will all have to face the Lord with your arrogance and treachery. This was not a war. This was an attack on other countries. This was an attack on our own soil by our own govt. The fact that we burned up our people in the twin tours is undeniable. Our country has been destroyed from the inside outside. For Mitchell to wax poetic about helping people…. go to hell. You did not help people. You hurt people. Any one who tortures other people…go straight to hell. Just sickening.

  10. Funny his fellow doctors think he has violated his hippocratic oath, yet thousands of doctors strap a healthy baby boy to a table and cut off the end of his healthy genital. Shocked at your fucking logic.

  11. War is ugly. Torture. Death. Horror. People need to know this so we can stop killing each other as human beings over religion. That's what it is when it comes down to you. From the Roman empire. America now.

  12. You should never pour water on someone who runs two 747s into your skyscrapers and kills 3,000 innocent people and children. Welcome to the wonderful world of ass backwards.

  13. No foundation in science? The eventual end of 90% of mankind's science and technology is eventually used to kill. No foundation in science or psychology? Did this guy miss the Harvard Prison Study 50 years ago? Ugh liberal lawyers.

  14. Whether or not torture results in actionable intelligence is akin to debating the existence of God. The answer will most likely remain illusive. What is crystal clear however is that Mitchell believed he was doing the right thing. So his character is not what should be up for debate here. After all, the CIA as an institution had the choice to go along or to reject his recommendations. Mitchell was not the policy maker.

  15. Anyone with a basic level of intelligence should know that physical torture is not effective. You will only hear what you want to hear as the subject wants the pain to stop.

  16. Well 9/11 was a false flag thing like pearl harbor. The cia decided they need to create a reason to justify their attack on Arabic and muslim countries. The United States of the oil and heroin and cocaine cartel will do anything to make more money and more wars. Torture and nukes are only legal if yanks doing it?! It seems like…. The U.S. Is much worse than the nazis were, they are responsible for way more bloodshed still the world does not unite against them. In reality we could put these hillbilly idiots to their knees simply by not trading with them at all. Don't buy from them don't sell to them and they will collapse…

  17. The CIA eclipsed its Bay of Pigs fiasco with its 9/11 fiasco. The FBI could have thwarted the attack -if they had possessed intelligence the CIA refused to share. And the CIA slowed the search for Bin Ladin by using torture which doesn't work.

  18. My opinion as a citizen is let the pros who know how to handle these guys make the decisions on what works and what does not work so long as they're analyzing these rationally it will course correct itself on what's effective and ineffective. keep the hearts and minds of the Goodwillef out of the decision-making process. This is Bigboy stuff here stick to the safe rooms in Academia let War be fought by The Warriors!

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