Joe Rogan Experience #1129 – Tom Papa

Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. His new book “Your Dad Stole My Rake: And Other Family Dilemmas” is available now on Amazon.

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  1. Joe, the library of Alexandria was not burned down by the muslims. The concept of Islam had not been "invented" at that time. Muhammed came along around late 600 . The library were actually destoryed 6 times and rebuilt. There are evidence that the library after the civil uprising during Julius Ceasars invasion that it survived up to 400 A.D. But that leaves around 200+ years until the religion of Islam was founded. And there are very much evidence pointing to the fact that it was the christians who finally destroyed the library.

  2. Lol, fuck Kendrick.. poor girl. It's so stupid and hypocritical that artists would say the N word in their music, but expect their fans who purchase the music to not say the N word too? I'm black and find the rationale so stupid. If the word is not supposed to be used, Blacks shouldn't use it either or promote it. Crazy stupid rules.

  3. The clearest term to call the bow Joe was ranting about is to say that it is a composite bow, I believe. I composite bow is just a bow constructed with multiple materials (like wood, horn, sinew) to distinguish it from a completely wooden bow. I saw a reference somewhere that composite bows can also be called compound bows, but agree that it's confusing since today compound bows mean something different. It may be that the museum is not wrong, just using an old fashioned word.

    Also, King Tut had a deformed head because his head was purposely deformed. It wasn't because of the inbreeding. I get that this is just two regular guys talking about history, but it would have been nice if Joe talked about the exhibit with an actual historian to get all the facts right.

  4. Hey umm, small correction, I think Julius Ceasar's soldiers are the ones that accidentally burnt the great Library of Alexandria and not the muslims ๐Ÿ™‚ or at least that's what we learned in Egyptian history books.

  5. I'm with Tom on the depression in the states we will need to talk about what United States had went through we were never told what other countries had to go through I finally learned maybe four or five years after high school does the u.s. had it the best

  6. Take it from someone who has had pretty much all these Rx medications, been to rehab twice for painkillers (I do have actual chronic pain too) and has abused a LOT of drugs……..xanax and alcohol is one of the worst mixes I've ever seen…..and/or did, at least with opiates the mood altering isn't as severe as with anti-depressants your Ativans, Xanax etc.

  7. I get so sick of seeing comments from all the cucks on here. You people take hours to watch Roganโ€™s podcast, then trash him by picking apart every word he says and making moronic jokes? Shut your mouths and ask your mothers to send more pancakes down to the basement.

  8. Joe i have to correct you about the boomerang ,
    It was never designed to return to the thrower until white people started selling it to tourists.
    The original boomerang never came back .

  9. 2:06:58 'libray of alexandria was burnt by the muslims' this is the bullshit Joe gets from guests such as sam harris, gad saad & lawrence krauss etc Accurate truth is, troops of Julius Caesar accidentally burned the library during or after the Siege of Alexandria in 48 BC. Joes not as open minded as he thinks he is !!

  10. tom papas been on podcast 10 times and he wont have eric dubay on once? seems reasonable….im sure everyone wants to hear about tom and his bread bakeing and book writing….thanks rogan…..

  11. I wish Joe would've gone deeper into the subject of that "It's okay to be white" posters. The real reason it started was cause them 4chan people wanted to show the ridiculousness of the media and show that they will react crazily to such a simple statement.

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