Displaced in Sinaloa: The Hunt For ‘El Chapo’

As the Mexican Navy continues the hunt for fugitive Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, hundreds of people have been forced to flee the Golden Triangle, the Sinaloa Cartel’s stronghold in Northern Mexico. While refugees claim they fled helicopter gunfire, the navy denies their operation to hunt the most wanted drug lord are out of control.

VICE News heads to the mountainous region of Sinaloa to meet the refugees of the hunt for ‘El Chapo.’

Watch “Inside El Chapo’s Escape Tunnel” –

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37 thoughts on “Displaced in Sinaloa: The Hunt For ‘El Chapo’

  1. These countries have a very high religious percentage, but they are all Fucked up. The more prayer, the more shity they live. Just pointing this out, despite of knowing most wont get it.

  2. Pff, Chapo Guzman is only a US employee, like all drugdealers in latin america. United States controll the drug bussiness, and he is the one who sell guns to cartels.. El chapo dont scape alone, he was liberated.

  3. that little ranch is beautiful, what a view, what a shame the government of Mexico is corrupt as fuk and incompetent in doing what a gov should be doing, looking after the ppl of the country. I dont blame these guy for growing a crop to feed their families, i wud do the same if i needed to feed my family, and its not like the drugs are consumed in Mexico, its all consumed in the US and Europe, if their was no demand for drugs no1 wud grow them, most govs have failed the ppl in allowing the drug problem to get out of hand, the war on drugs is a joke. the only way to tackle the problem head on i see is to legalise all drugs, that way no1 is making $$ from the production of narcotics, and have a proper treatment for all ppl addicted to any drugs including prescription drugs, bc that problem is getting out of hand too

  4. I don't understand why they don't just find where his operation is then spray or Kut do something That would destroy his drugs then he good move to a different location then he would have to restart all of his drug trafficking then that would put a big dent in there operation

  5. Well if any of you live or have seen for yourself you'll see that those ranches are low on money and government help. HOW DID HE AFFORD SUCH A GREAT HOUSE ON A HILL BRAND NEW WALLS AND WELL DRESSED. The real ranchers don't have such commodities. Even with them calf being sold. A car like that is worth the same as his house

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