Joe Rogan Experience #922 – Philip DeFranco

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33 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #922 – Philip DeFranco

  1. What, do you guys not approve of The Trumpsters small loan of a couple of million dollars? **Y'all knew he was a cunt** Just suck it up and make it right next election year you cretins ^^ btw, Joe and Dr Franco has my respect Intelligence and reasoning is beautiful to watch in action.

  2. I quit school specifically because a science teacher was boring. Actually, that teacher got me sent to a charter school and I couldnt get into a public school after that.

  3. Q: "Why did he have a round chambered?" – A: Most people who carry a gun always have a round chambered.
    Q: "Why wasn't the safety on?" – A: Many weapons, including those issued to police, do not have a positive external safety.

  4. LOL LOL LOL LOL you give the idiot way too much credit, he tweets from an unsecured phone and let his own lawyer waive his rights then record him…that stupid. Only thing that saves his behind are his loyal followers who believe in the trump name.

    How the hell can someone bankrupt a casino….you print/generate currency….

  5. Whatever happened to defamation of character laws you can't sue anybody anymore for that crap people lie and say you did this and do that you could die and you can't sue them for that anymore you know you didn't do it you can prove you didn't do it and they stole go to war with this crap I just don't understand this country anymore

  6. Joe Rogan still pushing that fudd shit. Unsurprising considering he’s a fucking boomer. Most modern handguns do not have a manual safety switch, not every gun is your shitty 107 year old jam-o-matic 1911 that “won two world wars”. It’s fucking obsolete, because anybody with half a fucking brain manages to keep their finger out of the trigger guard until they intend to fire. And of course he had a round in the chamber. Carrying a gun without a round in the chamber is like saying “why should I wear my seatbelt all the time? I’ll have time to strap in if I get into a car crash.”

  7. Joe I know this is old. But I hope you have changed your point of view about having a round chambered. I agree the officer in the video handled the situation poorly. But it is important to carry a round chambered.

  8. My only complaint with this one is their comments referring to the off duty cop's gun. " why did he have a round chambered?" Most people who carry keep a round chambered. And "why was the safety off?" As he was a cop I could assume that it was a Glock, which doesn't have a normal safety.

  9. This was a great episode. I don't always agree with Phil but I respect his work. I agree with Joe almost 100 percent of the time because he is open-minded and learning. The discussion about Pew Die Pie is dope. I also relate to the bad teacher. F Mr. Cowdrey for making fun of me in math class.

  10. I'm sure you learned this by now but it is NOT law that potus has to release tax returns. It has been done by other candidates on a voluntary basis for the last 40 years or so, but none of them were required to do it. This is just another BS lie that the left has used to make Trump look like a criminal/bad guy.

  11. "why did he have a round chambered"?
    If you're looking at those words in quotes and think "i don't see anything wrong with that" don't carry a weapon, there's no point.
    The whole point of carrying a weapon is so that you can use it if you need at a moments notice, if you see a bad guy and have to take out your gun and pull back the rack, you should just kiss your ass goodbye.

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