VICE News: Meet Fazeelat Aslam

Vice News is launching soon. Meet Fazeelat Aslam, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist whose stories have focused on giving voice to the voiceless: from victims of modern day slavery to the denizens of the slums of Karachi.

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39 thoughts on “VICE News: Meet Fazeelat Aslam

  1. She is So beautiful! Eff it…Im converting to Muslim now and Im going back to college to get a degree in journalism just so I can get a internship at Vice and go pick up her coffee or red bull or whatever she drinks to start her morning everyday!

  2. Good for you! Now will someone plz tell me whats going on in the mid east, when I was there i was fed the mainstream bs stories, one look at Iraq today and I know its bullshit, I have a very sick feeling that the "terrorists" we fought and killed were just people caught in a war, ive said it a million times, if inwere born in iraq and the us invaded on the pretense of wmds I would pick up a rifle, but I was born in the us so I picked up an m4. I would really like to know whats going on, so anyone who really knows and not that propaganda bullshit ive been choking on the last 12 years, I know we are lied to, iraq is worse of now then it was when we were there, and imagine that the media doesnt cover it, thanks vice for all you do!

  3. I could watch much after "Vice removes the veneer"….The video started with a Jihad terrorist attack on a Christian school and never brought up Qu'ran Sura 9:29. My advice to Vice is get some more paint thinner because you didn't remove jack shit.

  4. Muhammad said " The final hour will not come until the Muslims kill the Jews. Trees and rocks will cry out loud'O Muslim, here is a Jew hiding behind me…come and kill him"
    Muslims are a peaceful as Nazis. If Adolf Hitler called himself a prophet and the Nazis called themselves a religion then VICE would be trying to make Nazis look as innocent as they make Muslims look.
    It is very hard to see VICE protecting murder, rape and Islamic supremacy. This is such a fucked up world. To all the victims of Islam, I am so sorry-I tried to help you

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