Fyre Fest Employees Are Still Hurting From The Scam Festival

Almost a year ago, attendees spent thousands of dollars to Attend Fyre Fest in the Bahamas. They were expecting a luxury music festival but ended up in something closer to a refugee camp with an EDM DJ

But the well-heeled college kids weren’t the only ones affected by the scam. Festival employees and contractors, weren’t just there for a good time. They were counting on a paycheck. And for many of them, the damage lasted long beyond an unpleasant weekend camping experience.

Here’s what happened to Darrell Thorne, an artist and performer who was contracted by Fyre Festival.

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36 thoughts on “Fyre Fest Employees Are Still Hurting From The Scam Festival

  1. VIP was 12,000 with meet and greet with the said stars, luxury accommodation, premium food and drinks, exclusive after party, and souvenirs. So the people commenting about 12k amount being false are just jealous peasants who cant even pay to watch a Rihanna concert.

    Majority of the people commenting negative about the people who paid that much are peasants who cant afford to even buy an Iphone cash.

  2. I don't get it. Who scammed them? What was the scam? To raise money for the show somehow? The first clue should have been that you had to pay for your own plane tickets. They'll never get any money. The best thing to do is find out where they live, get a few of the people together that got scammed and take everything you can from them.

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