Joe Rogan Experience #1106 – Colion Noir

Colion Noir is a gun rights activist, lawyer, member of the National Rifle Association, and host of the NRA Freestyle web series NOIR.

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  1. “The Constitution gives you the right, as a white man, to have a rifle in your home. The Constitution gives you the right to protect yourself. Why is it ‘ominous’ when black people even talk of having rifles? Why don’t we have the right to self-defense? Is it because maybe you know we’re going to have to defend ourselves against you?”
    ― James Baldwin, One Day When I Was Lost
    Thankfully we have come a long way since then. NRA has always been in the forefront of fighting for civil rights.

  2. Some of the anti-guns and anti-NRA need to watch drug inc because more than half of the illegal guns give them to the drug dealers than our government traders buys sells guns to bad guys in other countries.

  3. It's easy to make an comparison with cars and other mechanical items, but truth is, the purpose of the objects is completly different in nature. Guns are for killing, it IS a fucking weapon, so stop acting like they are not to be taken as such and to be seen as as a car or something else. Sure, you can go on a rampage with a freakin screwdriver. But guns DO fullfill their purpose only by beeing used as what they are. Also don't undererstimate the mind state. Nice to know most people are responsible enough to feel the weight of the burden while carrying a gun, but let there be just the few crazy nuts and the devastating outcome is tremendous. Also consider the black market beeing able to pull guns. So you guys brought yourself in a position, where eveybody can have guns for evey purpose intended, just by buying them easily on the black market.

  4. What the hell is wrong with you American gun lovers!!?? You are the only nation in the western world where such prolific gun violence occurs(Islamic terrorism not included, that argument is just too easy), coincidentally you are also the only nation that allows the widespread availability of, yes you guessed it, cordless hair straighteners. Obviously guns are'nt going around autonomously killing people. Obviously a person is required to shoot the fucking thing at another human being, but if the gun is'nt available for some mentally disturped individual to get their hands on then the possibility of their activities resulting in the deaths of dozens of people is greatly diminished. The only part of that that's rocket science is how the gun actually works! Before you say "well that's what background checks are for"..Ya, that's worked a charm up untill now, has'nt it!

  5. Joe, for the love of God please do the panel you spoke of toward the end there. Put it together yourself man, get that sucker aired on major networks. Get the best people from a diverse educational/professional background. This is the discussion that we need to be having as a nation. If the “experts” won’t have the real discussion then let’s have it ourselves.

  6. So, it occurs to me that Joe is focusing on mental health and missing the more obvious. Joe says all shooters must have mental health issues because they are on medication…….Im inclined to think that its the medication that is the smoking gun here, not the mental health. For years people with mental health issues were more likely to be victims of crime not perpetrator's of crime. I look around at the amount of medication being shoved down the throats of everyone today and have to think large amounts of people taking chemicals that alter brain activity comes with a risk. It even says it on the bottles in the side effects for crying out loud. I would think that its a multi faceted problem. 1/ isolation from people to people contact 2/ random prescribing of medication to anyone that doesn't fit a very narrow mold of expected behaviour's 3/ media portrayal of how guns are used. (TV Movies and video games almost never ever show a gun being used for anything other than killing other people) That in and of itself wont cause someone to murder, but it sure entrenches the best and most obvious tool to use) 4/ Media glorification of the shooter creating a competition scenario for immortality. 5/ a million other things I didn't mention or think of. Anytime someone tries to boil societal problems down into a single variant, its time to find another person to talk to because that person is incapable of the depth required to discuss this issue.

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