Joe Rogan Experience #809 – Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

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  1. 22:40 Re the mollusc argument. Decades ago, as part of schoolwork, I carried out a study on limpets as part of an overall study of seashore ecology. In order to study the movement of the limpets over time (most people assume they don't move), I painted a line across some limpets and onto the surrounding rock with an enamel paint. I went back every day to see where the limpets were in relation to the lines on the rocks. They mostly turned around to face different directions or moved slightly from their spots. Assuming that limpets don't have any understanding or emotion I painted one limpet completely, and all the way around it on the rock. At this point, it rose up from the rock and started swirling around like it was looking for a way to escape the wet paint. It was distressing to watch and it looked for all the world like it was panicking, which obviously implies it can understand its surroundings and it can experience emotion. I have often wondered why oysters don't seem to react when they're cut open and eaten raw given my experience with the limpet, but one thing I am certain of is that limpets do have an understanding of their surroundings and they react to it in a way that I have to believe is emotional. There's a video on YouTube somewhere of a swan mussel on a table that has been surrounded by salt. It also seems to have an emotional response to this threat.

  2. :O Didn't know it was common to see aliens on shrooms. Saw some alien faces going on circles on the walls the 1st time I tried some. Crazy stuff. Though after some time the aliens were replaced by some sort of Odin/Jesus hybrid.

  3. This guy's "logic" is morally bankrupt. Acts don't matter, only intentions? Let's follow that thought-a German SS officer who throws folks in ovens because he's a sadist is a moral monster, but one who does it because he has to, in order to serve a larger cause, is fine? Hahaha. Come on, Joe, why have people like these on.

  4. This guy is an "adventurer and entrepreneur". Yet he asserts all sorts of shit re dolphin's experience, insect experience, how consciousness is tied to free will. WTF? What dogshit. Sucks in the clueless, pays the bills, I suppose.

  5. I don't think we're connecting with another realm when we take psychedelics. 😛
    To me its clear that everyone who tells stories of learning things, its shit they already believed or agreed with they just didn't implement it. Acid or mushrooms simply helped them sort their shit out with brain interconnectivity.

  6. I love it when Joe makes completely unresearched statements because he is in a trance from looking at a big shiny ball.. "There's no quicker kill than a wolf and a sheep".. until his next podcast, then some else will be a "no quicker kill"

  7. at 2:00:00 he needs to check out the rebuilding of stonehenge by that dude in Michigan who shows how they most likely moved the blocks. Also, as for matching block cuts… you take one, cut a singular line to roughly center, with any deviations occurring there, then sand off any extra from one side or the other as needed to match.

  8. Octopus ARE molluscs Joe!

    molluscs are a whole group of things, gastropods (snails), cephalopods (squid, octopus), bivalves (mussels, clams), etc.
    oh, and bivalves can be high in toxins.

  9. watching from nz, only recently started watching Joe rogan with the only prior knowledge of him from fear factor. had no idea was into all this sorta stuff. by far the best show I've watched in a long time. great mix of intellectual conversation and comedy. hey Joe, if you read this next time your over here I'll come see ya.

  10. Through a very recent DMT experience I realized that all of those horrific and terrifying thoughts and qualities that I have tried to deny or suppress for years is in fact a part of me, be it some part that I wish I didn't have and am working tremendously to change but the fact remains there is still the dark side of me (Our Consciousness) singularly and collectively. Through the dark I found my light, accepting that, that is a part of me actually liberated and set me more free. No need to be afraid of others judgments because we all have this terrible darkness within us. Through Hells We Find Heavens

  11. the question is, does expanding human consciousness make a person happy? you guys talked about these people who have simple smaller goals that somehow have a small world, and they're the one's who are happy.

  12. Aubrey Marcus is a VERY fascinating guy…the way his mind works, the way he analyzes & breaks things down…he really helped me solve & answer some of my own internal, deep deep questions about LIFE & the Universe & the chaotic yet symbiotic relationship nature has & just how the universe works. Aubrey really broke down some things for me in this podcast that changed my perspective/perception about life & living in the present. Not carrying trauma's the same way. The way he explained things & broke it down really gave me peace. & I love where he talks about spirit animals & dreams about the Bear for him, & Joe talking about the Wolf. For me, I've had very vivid dreams as a child of specifically the Black Jaguar. That is my spirit animal/guide. Learning more about that from Aubrey just confirmed & got me back in touch with my inner self, nature, how I look at the world, & how I carry myself. Knowledge is power. & they really break down some fascinating knowledge in this episode! Bless you Aubrey Marcus for being so candid & open & sharing your experiences & knowledge! Whether directly or indirectly, you are making VERY positive changes on this planet that I hope will have a ripple effect or butterfly effect toward humanity reaching the next stage of growth or reconnecting with nature & going back to a more balanced 'harmonized with nature" lifestyle instead of building more concrete jungles of depression…. Keep doing what you're doing Aubrey, you are a great human being! Wish u all the best in life's journey!!! & thank you for helping me on my journey….

    & of course thank you JRE for bringing these conversations TO US. If it wasn't for you, Joe…I might not have heard of or learned so much from amazing guests like Aubrey Marcus, Rick Doblin, Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson, Sam Harris, Dan Hardy, etc. (& many I'm leaving out who are amazing in their own right or even more knowledgeable.) Like Neil deGrasse Tyson most recently…finally shutting down all those adorable "flat earth-er's" out there with some facts lol. I love getting no bullshit fact checked knowledge from people who are intelligent and experienced & TRULY know / have devoted their life's work & studies to solving these deep questions & mysteries this Universe has to offer! Now-a-days with the Internet there's almost too much mis-information out there & people can be easily swayed with that misguided nonsense. I LOVE that the JRE exposes & tries to get the bottom of the issue with REAL research, & open minded conversation with intelligent people. Keep up the great work Joe Rogan!!

  13. A lot of people in Africa started using lip plates and similar things to avoid looking appealing to Westerners looking for slaves. It became a symbol of strength in those cultures.

  14. Aubrey Marcus is great. Love what he says about responsibility and taking action in your life. We always have a choice and we need to forgive ourselves, and do the best we can to move forward

  15. Great podcast, but really surprising for how spiritually aware these guys are that they do not seem to get that not eating meat is a great change in ones spirituality/ energy level. Why do you think that religions that practice meditation and yoga like Buddhism and Hinduism don't eat meat?

  16. can anyone remember on a joe Rogan podcast, a relaxation visualization technique described, that involved: imagining oneself in a room looking out a busy window then imagining oneself moving away from the window and becoming more relaxed, there's more to it, hence me asking here if anyone can direct me to joe's podcast that contains this.

  17. i dont do drugs, nor am i religious in any way, but god dam i couldnt help but find this podcast fascinating as fuck! this dude should be on at least once a month!

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