Ultra-Potent Synthetic Heroin Is Spreading Across America (HBO)

Overdoses from heroin and other opioids now kill an average of 78 Americans every day. VICE News correspondent Dexter Thomas looked at the growing risks of synthetic opioids by visiting an Ohio county that’s been experiencing an average of 20 to 25 overdoses a day.

The Harris County coroner told him the recent overdose spike is likely attributable to carfentanil, a veterinary drug used in elephant tranquilizers. And a DEA chemist said the synthetic opioid is so potent that 2 milligrams could kill 100 people.

But a Cincinnati heroin addict said he’s willing to risk exposure to carfentanil, which dealers are using to cut heroin. “It worries me a lot, you know, knowing that it’s out there,” Brandon Harris said. “[But] as an addict, it’s worth the risk.”

The DEA confirms carfentanil use is spreading and has been found in six states so far.

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21 thoughts on “Ultra-Potent Synthetic Heroin Is Spreading Across America (HBO)

  1. Yea, just go interview the most boring place with the dumbest people. If dudes wanna get high on a dangerous drug, let them. VICE how bout u guys look into a drug problem that matters like ADRENOCHROME and help save the children of the future, bc we all know that hillbillies in buttfuck nowhere will do anything to get high.

  2. I got arrested this time last year and when they pulled me over they searched my vehicle and found 2 bag of fentanyl heroin and most of it was gone.

    The cops took it out and tested it on the side of the road to see if it was positive for heroin and at that point I straight up told them that it was fentanyl heroin. at which point they backed away from it went to the trunk of their cars and got full bodysuits and put those on and came back and continue testing.

    I look at the cop and I couldn't help but to smile and he's like (what) and I was like I just shot 10 times that amount in my Vain and y'all got on these ridiculous bodysuits.

  3. Cafentanil is so potent and deadly that it can be used as chemical weapon. A kilogram of fentanil can wipe out entire population of Canada, 100 kilos can wipe out entire world population.

  4. All synthetic aka man made. The natural stuff will not made you addicted or kill you. Unfortunately the govt has made everything even naturally grown plants illegal. Is that just so we buy illegal unregulated drugs that will kill us make their courts busy so they make more money so they can fill their private prisons.

  5. I would love some carfentanyl, I have been an addict for 10 years and never ODed, and I have tried plenty of time because I'm facing a lot of prison time. Like long neck says he would rather not be here. I am getting a do not recitate tattoo.

  6. The man is clearly unwell. IT must break his wife's heart to hear all that. But I get it. Even with the best people around you if you're not right you still yearn to BE right. And on Heroine some people can be right. Attack the source of the illness and you'll destroy the addiction. Legalize while doing that so we can treat people instead of paying a private prison to house them.

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