Joe Rogan Experience #1112 – Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator” and he also has a podcast available on iTunes called Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes.

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  1. I've seen more bears in NJ suburbs than I have in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado combined. It's interesting to learn about bear hunting. They don't hunt bears as much in NJ I think

  2. Big white people taking over land with your guns. Still, to this day. You dont see what's wrong with that. "What are they going to do, they dont have any money". That's sick

  3. You can't just take the 'Let's make america great again' slogan in isolation. You have to understand it in context. Taking it in isolation and saying 'what world do we live in where we can't wear a hat that says let's make america great again' 19:55. Saying that in isolation makes it seem like all these people are being so unpatriotic against America, 'omg they don't let people wear hats that say they want America great again. Such traitors'. No, that is just an over simplistic view of the issue. The slogan that was made famous by Trump has connections to overt racism and/or 'wolf-whistling' racism. Make America Great Again is connected to the hatred and/or discrimination of Mexicans and Islam. That is where the problem with the slogan comes in. If Trump had the motto of 'Let's make America Great again' and he was promoting positive policies that would actually make America great again, e.g. universal health care, lowing the cost of medication, affordable education etc, then no one would have a problem with the motto. (Well, probably still some deluded brainwashed Hillary worshipers would still find some way to complain…but you know…they are unhinged)

  4. Living on the big island is great. Only place in the world where you can go to the beach play in snow go to a rainforest go to the volcano sea the milky way hunt hike. Pretty much everything. Shopping not the greatest but everything is online anyways. I love it here. 3rd generation local

  5. Ah,, WHEW! Cam Man! Thought the worst for a second… these JRE archives need a label or stamp saying "No redman NO callen"
    So we can differentiate the lamest of the lames at a thumbnail glance.

  6. Hi Joe. First, great material. But I have a question. I've just got interested in bowhunting (unfortunately illegal in Poland 🙁 ), and I've came across interesting information. Is that true, that you shouldn't eat meat about a week before you go hunting with a bow to get rid of predator scent? And use only scentless soap/cosmetics so prey don't sense you when you approach it, since you need to come really close to it? I'm not a hunter and I don't know if it's overkill or real thing, so I'd really love to know what you have to say about it.

  7. hawaii volcanos acting up too?… yellow stone as well.. that mist geyser activity…

    maintaining nature´s probbably good. it´s nice going cold turkey and being in nature :).

    don´t think i´ve ever liked trump.. liked wall street, crime and other easy money making movies as a teen. not that interested in those

    nowadays. money´s not that.. interesting..

    was the cecil lion thing to gain political favour with citizens or to keep a 3rd world country down?.. people´re morons.. what does it

    matter what lion it is?.. stupid.. mind reading a.i. can help in finding sentience ;), all non sentient´s up for grub, right?..

    education should be free/taxed all over the world. as long as the whole animal´s used i don´t care if hunters keep trophies. it´s only

    taking trophies that´re bothersome.. again 1st world trying to starve the 3rd world?.. hey here´s what spock said again. sorta, in the 70´s,

    all things feed on life even vegetarians. no 1´s on a high horse here… killers ;). i saw those hunters stealing lions meat too, insane :).

    smart though :). isn´t the states capitalistic way that there has to be 3rd world countries for your type of capitalism to exist? how long

    will it take to fall apart?.. in that that compines´ve to earn a dollar more every year to be seen as profitable too? instead of just being

    satisfied with being profitable and taking care of those who work for them without becoming a burden on society from greed..

    i hate throwing away food… i´m disappointed in myself at those times. i love nature and enjoy fishing, don´t necessarily like killing

    the fish but it´s good eating :). you guys could do a nature/hunting conservation travel show around the world :). what´s that south

    american country that got rid of their military and invested all that money in nature?.. poor education generating trolls?.. i eat

    meat, i don´t hunt. mainly cause it´s too expensive. i gather sometimes too, grow my own chillis, paprikas, tomatos and spices.

    trolls hired by food giants to make it harder for hunters?..

    baloo´s a bear, jungle book´s india. predators subconsciously protecting predators? or vegans protecting predators? which´d be weird…

    a billion´s a few.

    always known kanye´s a moron.. not really news. trump´s 1 too.. surprise! alex needs to relax :S..

    perhaps people acted more like lions and bears after the potential cataclysm tearing each other apart from starvation?.. if it happened.

    some humans´ve compassionn.. don´t think the 1´s in charge of countries and giants´ve much compassion or empathy.. bears´re cool, would not

    like to run into 1 in the wild :S… we got some wolves in some areas around stockholm.

    only way to know who´s sentient i think´ll be with the help of the mind reading a.i. from japan ;). then people could stay away from

    sentient creatures, this could mean everything. plants as well. maby only elephants, whales, orcas, dolphins and us?.. we´ll see, until

    then i think people could shut the f#¤% up about not eating sentient. since we don´t know. hey we´re all earthlings to aliens ;). subway had

    rubber in their bread, haven´t eaten from them since… even if we have strickter food laws than the states. deer eat chicks, small birds, eggs,

    insects and other things so they kill too. sheep, goats and cows as well. sad to say i get meat from the store.. whatever they´ve available that

    i can afford..

    who wants kanye and the kardashians as neighbours :S.. worse than bieber because reality tv everywhere.. all the time! you can always stab car

    tires.. yea you may´ve to repaint at times.. better than reality tv.. i hate all reality tv that doesn´t contain a learning element and that´s

    faked up..

    i´d walk a 100 miles ;).

    i hate that things and entertainment cost so much…

    i like talking about things i like too :).

    be nice being immortal and just exploring and observing :), having all the time you want or need. before you´re ready to move on to that

    potentially dream like dimension after.

    love the shows.

  8. Does this guy seriously support trump? You have to put energy into other things besides exercising, anybody thats put any effort in to critical think and learn about the world should be able to conclude that this is a problem

  9. PLEASE STOP WIth these GARBAGE AZZ GUEST. no one want to hear these fckers. your doing it more and more too. look at the past guest , those are the type of guest people wnt to watch or listen to. ITS WHT MADE YOUR CHANNEL POPULAR ,NOT THIS SHT.

    put it this way, imagine all the same guest but in reverse. DOES ANYONE THINK HE WOULD HAVE THIS MANY FANS OR SUBS. FCK NO

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