Living Without Water: Contamination Nation

There are tens of thousands of Americans living without clean, running water on the Navajo Nation today. This is because decades of uranium mining have contaminated the majority of water sources on the reservation.

VICE News travels to New Mexico to find out how people are coping, and if there is hope for the future.

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47 thoughts on “Living Without Water: Contamination Nation

  1. You aren't taxed like most Americans and you have access to millions of native only loans. You are quite capable without "a little bit of help". the rest of America would love free health care, free college and not being taxed. YOU get all those things. I think you're helped enough. If you wanna live on reservation, you elect to be in the situation you are in. North America is changing into a desert so if you stay where you are, you shoot yourself in the foot.

  2. There is NO excuse for native Americans to live under these conditions! We took their land, promised the moon — and they don’t even have running water! SHAME

  3. There’s no water and radiation? Like why not move out? I understand it’s land for reservation and whatnot but clearly it’s not working out. Or gonna work out if they put water because there’s still the radiation that most likely go uncleaned. I’d move.

  4. N.M. has a spring water underground basin in the Jemez Mts. that holds 3000 billion or more gallons of fresh sparkling water …pure as the word itself! didn't you know? It's location "Valle Grande. N.M. that belongs to the Natives of this region.

  5. I wish more Black folks in Flint MI and other places would view this news documentary, recognizing a COMMON CAUSE to join in solidarity with Native Americans against Corporate Greed / Environmental Racism.

  6. Any company and government agency that made big money off Uranium and coal off these reservations that cause these problems, need swallow what they have done to these people and omit to accountability. They need to do what's right for Americans. The people that put the cash in there hands. The people suffering.

  7. Without a measure to separate the uranium contaminant from the water, the water will stay like that for a very long time if not forever… Once separated however the uranium powder cake from a purification process could be sold off again to support the Navajo people, difficult choice to make.

  8. If we don't stop eating meat…
    If we don't stop polluting rivers…
    If we don't stop using coal and oil…
    Were all fucking dead and the "blade runner" trilogy will be a god damn documentary!!!

  9. However do we accept, tolerate such living ways to our Native Americans? Why are previous & new immigrants R called Americans if they do nothing in rectifying the lives of our true Native ones? Where is compassion? And we are called civilized? Is this a joke? The more I read & learn about the hardship of our Natives (which is STILL going on) makes me real sick! This is not humanitarian …

  10. Kinder Morgan polluted the drinking water of the Navajo people with uranium and now they want to build a pipeline in western Canada? I'm glad I helped paint a giant sign against Kinder Morgan. They're evil.

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