Blood Diamonds and Religious War: Diamonds and Division

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is also rich in natural resources. One of the official mining sectors has collapsed amid the country’s ongoing conflict, and now both sides are benefitting from the illicit trade of gold and diamonds. Clashes over control of the many mines have also created religious tension in places where there previously had been none.

VICE News traveled to mines located in the heart of the Central African Republic to see how the battle over natural resources is playing out in one of the world’s most violent conflicts.

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49 thoughts on “Blood Diamonds and Religious War: Diamonds and Division

  1. War of gold diamond and cobolt turn new side…. These civil war is old things in africa but now new group coming out…. It is not about religion it is about dollars…. In africa in few dollars you can convert people religion…. These people are not religious they are just opportunist

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  3. I think if muslims go on to terrorise people then I'm damn sure that they will ave no place to live in the society cos for a few handfull all the community are picked and thrown as rotten apples

  4. As always, atheists making comments about religious wars.

    1) if any of you naive atheists think fighting and killing is wrong, you assume God exists. Why? because you are assuming good and evil exists (in order to call murder evil) and good and evil cannot exist without God.

    so before you go about claiming "religious wars" remember atheism has no rules so according to your worldview, there shouldn't really be anything objectively wrong with murder outside your subjective opinion.

    had to say it for all the stupid commenters who know nothing outside of clever comments promoting atheism.

    I am a Christian.

  5. Living in Africa can be easy if are smart. You do not need to spent $40 a dinner. And you really do not miss the city the only you miss the city is you have shake you body. Otherwise life is liife. Hearing your grandmother fut id not a bigie

  6. Of Diamond and Gold the kill each other ..
    Wake up people,we Can life without Gold the earth dosnt Need Lot of the mine,more mine In the ground more water is gone,we Have a generation and the Need clean air and water ..
    Bloody america still In the behind of "Blood Diamond" In africa n Uganda ..

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  8. That's not Africa first off. I grew up right down the street from those ppl. 2nd off, their not looking for Diamonds. Everybody in my city knows Where to find Diamonds. It's on 2nd and Broadway. 3rd. They wouldn't let them in anyway because of the strict dress code. 4th, They were looking for fat white girls. 5th, why has nobody opened up a Popeye's or Church's Chicken next to any of these mines? Even the employees would be iced out Bling Blingin on dem bitches ya herd me? This isn't what I meant when I said Can you dig?

  9. I kind of know how muslims feel when they are prosecuted for being muslim and suddenly being associated with ISIS, This is certainly not part of Christianity and I'm certain that killing is not allowed in the islam religion

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