Joe Rogan Experience #1008 – Cody Garbrandt & Urijah Faber

Cody Garbrandt is a mixed martial artist and UFC Bantamweight World Champion. Urijah Faber is a retired mixed martial artist who fought as a bantamweight and featherweight in the UFC.

26 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1008 – Cody Garbrandt & Urijah Faber

  1. Cody seems like a cool dude but i don't still don't get his issue with TJ. why does he hate him? just cause he switched camp? is Alpha Male a gang where you're in it for life and if u leave u get jumped? it's not a team sport. in the end it's the fighter alone who's in the cage risking his health and livelihood. TJ did what he felt was best for his career and guess what? he's the champ now. i love how how TJ handled the bullying by Alpha and that he got the belt and his two KO's over Cody

  2. They boo DC bc of the way he fights most of the time..people like John bc hes a killer and stands and fights..DC wrestle fuck people..he just won the heavyweight belt but look how he fought him..he stood there both arms out fingers out poking the eyes out of the man. Sad..yes DC had a good plan out the clench knowing he pulled out with hands down and bc of the he koed him..good for DC but hes still boring as least at light heavy weight he is..maybe at heavy weight he wont be so boring bc he feels hes got power at about 238 or so..

  3. So glad this bully got knocked out like he deserved I loved Cody when he fought Dom but then he just became a coplete douchebag bully during the whole TUF cant wait for TJ to whoop codys ass again

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