Black Dart is the US’ Answer to Drones: War Games

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The US military has been experimenting with the use of drones for almost a century, but it’s only recently that technological advances have made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) a game changer in warfare. Today, at least 79 countries field drones; 23 of those countries arm them.

Earlier this year, VICE News was one of the first media outlets ever granted access to the US military’s annual Black Dart exercise, a decade-old joint exercise that focuses on detecting, countering, and defeating UAVs.

As we watched tens of millions of dollars worth of military equipment go up against $1,000 drones, Black Dart demonstrated the way rapidly evolving drone technology is challenging the military’s most basic assumptions about controlling the air. (One civilian drone maker we visited told us that the technology he has at his fingertips is outpacing some R&D efforts at big aerospace contractors.) And so Black Dart continues to encourage innovation in the effort to keep the US military one step ahead in the cat-and-mouse game between drones and drone killers.

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33 thoughts on “Black Dart is the US’ Answer to Drones: War Games

  1. Ten Billion dollars? Are you sure if that number? In the last budget, five billion was set aside for building a new Aircraft Carrier. Either your numbers are wrong or our sailors are getting the short end of the stick!

  2. This is so bullshit… US has the Infrared Gun, this can take down everythine, from a plane, to jets, to drones…. JUst make more of them…

    so much money being spent for nothing after they already has it.

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  4. Eh, I dunno. You're still not going to be loading 20 or 40mm rounds, or belts of 7.62mm and you sure aren't gonna load on 155 arty rounds. That's what actually kills. So you still need aircraft, arty and troops on ground. I guess in the future we'll be dealing with lasers, but right now you aren't loading batteries and electronics on any drones. So I wouldn't be worried.

  5. The #uav market is expected to grow by 6.9% from 2018 to 2028. And that's for more than a reason. For examples, industrial drones produced by #JTT Technology can be used for aerial surveillance, public security, agriculture, aerial photography, and much more. I've discovered they existed only a couple of weeks ago but I really think they deserve kudos for their work, so here's their website

  6. I'd like to get a F-4U Corsair RC plane, and arm it, and put a cam on it for flying view on PC or hand held screen for a combat game in desert or something, it would be cool… Innocent fun. The armament doesn't have to be that real. BB gunsmounted inside the wings,, like on these ship wars they have but for RC planes that would be cool.. lmao

  7. One small, cheap missile can knock out an aircraft carrier. Now there are hypersonic missiles and railguns. All sorts of weapons for which there is little or no defense. Drones have evolved tremendously since this video was released.

  8. I strongly believe those planes they use on 9/11 were not actually aircrafts but Drones, somehow my minds have been telling me this all the time. The reason being is just after 9/11 we have an explosion of Drone Air crafts technology in the Aviation industry. Also the reason why those planes just disappeared in the buildings and we never seen no parts or debris of the panes.

  9. America talk too much you can look at this old 50 film how they telling their secrets of war weapons. Now I see drones been out before I was born that's going to be America's down fall. They always telling their secrets and trying to be the Big Man on Campus! And we wonder why the Chinese always copying something we have but can't make it better.

  10. When drones are used like out.any country could attack by drones and do a lot of killing..a Lazer pointed drone is what's up.just needs to be fast.point at a plane or dart is a joke..when Locust grasshoppers attack you can't stop them.. imagine a fleet of drones like that.

  11. What about bringing this era of drone assassinations to an end and prosecuting those who imagined it as okay to kill women and children and other "collateral damage" people and things for political purposes. This is heinous, and terribly violative of human rights. People like Trump and Cheney and Dubbiya and Obama simply cannot understand that what they have done is a crime against our species. They are the architects of irresponsible murders of human beings.

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