Joe Rogan Experience #1111 – Abby Martin

Abby Martin is a journalist and host of the “The Empire Files” —

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  1. This girl is basically working for Putin (KGB man), CNN and Fox work for Netanyahu (Mosad man). Same thing. She complains about not having power, not having a voice…Well, she's new to the game. When RT gets to be 30 years old, she'll have a larger following. And hopefully some better arguments.

  2. I was really into Abby until she started to talk about Venezuela…
    Then I went to check her wikipedia profile in english and portuguese. What I red in the first sentence explained everything about her work. Go check for yourselves.
    I thought she was one of the very few independent journalists out there. Well, sadly she isn´t…
    Her agenda is also obvious.

  3. I'd take Abby Martin and The Empire Files over the mainstream media, and the Zionist propaganda outlet, "Honest Reporting", which is ironic​ because they do everything but honest reporting, who are all apologists for the authoritarian, far-right Netanyahu regime. They created HAMAS because of the frustration of some people in Gaza…

  4. @39:41 no matter where you're from you have to go back an serve mandatory military service for Išraɐl, THAT's why those J€wish Americans are on Išræli soil getting killed because they're Mandatory service, I could be wrong but I was told from an Australian Isræli from Melbourne who had to go back, that if you do not comply and complete your mandatory service you cannot Visit !šræl for 20 years or something. If this whole scenario doesn't ring any alarm bells. If the American Sponsorship of I$ræli forces doesn't wake anyone up to what is actually happening in front of your noses, we're all doomed. "дrab" ….. "tёrяюrištš" used interchangeably? Are you still asleep. you think 9-11 was an attack destined only for Christian Americans ? – It was an attack on the Jewish americans. The jɐwšh are hiding behind Christian American soldiers and using them to genocide the Arabs in the middle east. The Indigenous of the region. the "tёrrorištš" as the media like to call them. One of the youngest super powers of the world is being used by one of the biblical era's organized pseudo theological doctrine There will never be peace in the middle east.. not until every last indigenous дrab is dead, this is what the Jёws want. The JЭшs want, a pure Bloodline, a pure race, they do not want дrabian blood mixed they do not want Mцslims near them (sound familiar? Yes ww2 – And Germans were the ones in the wrong, we were told THEY wanted a pure blood line when that isn't true – they didn't want all high power high finance positions to be taken by Jɐшi$h people, they were infiltrating Germany and Adolf Hitler was put under pressure, scared that his country was being taken away right from under his nose, you know the rest of the story). you will never end the conflict there… the Jɐшs (!šræl) will end it by essentially erasing the Indigenous.

  5. what is she talking about? the 26:11 was uncalled for she has no description of the truth she emphasizes the drastic measure like a sniper scope is anything is special and yes there is a time when a person deserves to die when they are running at soldiers with a hand grenade or payed by the hamas government to actually get shot by the idf.

  6. Attempting to view the Israelis and Palestinians through a lens of MORAL EQUIVALENCE will never yield any solutions or results worth having.
    Certain truths need to be faced. Abby should just Say she is a Salafist…Propagandists for the Moslems…
    There is no co-existance with an enemy Moslem neighbor..
    Israel is one of the most successful, prolific, innovative and prosperous countries on the planet. Per capita it might be THE most successful. Technologically advanced, first world, democratic, focused on education, liberty of the individual, women’s rights, free speech, VERY multicultural and egalitarian with 20% of its government made up of Musłîm Israelis, etc.
    All their surrounding neighbors are a backward people enslaved to an ideology that produces sorrow and insignificance. Their hatred of the Jews is ancient and dogmatic. They heap scorn, vitriol and scurrilous calumny on the Jews and hope that some of the stuff they fling around sticks….meanwhile their own women are the absolute PROPERTY of men (slavery), they slaughter homosexuals, behead people for imaginary crimes like witchcraft & sorcery, kîll their own for Disparaging their prophet or questioning the veracity of their faith, dealing death for changing one’s faith away from IsIam. This is not freedom. There’s no freedom of speech or thought! They’re deeply and often violently and almost completely intolerant of other religions. Theirs is a theocratic brutal superstitious benighted nightmare.
    I, without hesitation, support the Democracy & Freedom loving civilized men and women of Israel.

  7. When you hyperbolize bernie sanders'statements you do a disservice to your listeners… focusing on infrastructure, which is part of his platform, that's jobs, everything from architects to receptionists… which frees up jobs that ppl are going into because they cant do what they want to do for money instead… thats just one way

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