This Holographic Anime Character Could Be Your Next Girlfriend (HBO)

A booming subculture of young Japanese men are obsessed with anime—to the point of craving actual intimacy. Now a company called Vinclu [prono: winkle] has invented a machine that can help bring their fantasies at least partway to life, in the form of a dedicated virtual companion.

VICE News’ Dexter Thomas went to Tokyo to meet her.

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24 thoughts on “This Holographic Anime Character Could Be Your Next Girlfriend (HBO)

  1. This is so sad. For People to find comfort in virtual fake stuff in order to feel wanted ugh so sad. And to say that if his girlfriend won't accept that thing he'll pretty much say byyeee to his Real gf lol omg that's insane. Guess the hand is starting to become more better then being with someone psychically in person.

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