Sentenced to Death by a Crowd: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 86)

During the war, various areas of eastern Ukraine under separatist control have been under the jurisdiction of field commanders, who run these areas under their own laws.

VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky traveled to Alchevsk in the Luhansk region to interview Alexei Mozgovoi, who’s been running a “people’s court” in which people are tried for various crimes, from rape to theft, with residents acting as the jury.

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31 thoughts on “Sentenced to Death by a Crowd: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 86)

  1. I dont even know if its still going on but the russians are fucking monsters Im canadian and not even old enough to drive but I would happily fly over to Ukraine, grab an ak74, and shoot those vodka drinking, putin loving, wannabe hardass bastards

  2. This is why Russia cannot admit their troops are the little green men. From what I can see a lot of districts in Novorossiya are full of fucking imbeciles with mentalities from the dark ages. That's what this 'court' is…something from the dark ages.

  3. If there were no girls in the nightclubs,wht would be the point of living 🙂 They tore up Ukraine,just like my Yugoslavia. History repeats it self. THEY ARE NOT ANTI-FASCISTS . Milošević was a "democrat,anti-fascist",Franjo Tuđman also,but they were hardcore nationalists,and everyone knew that,do not be fulled. SAme thing happened in Yu same. Serbs occupied parts of Croatia,wanted to make "greater Serbia" Croatia attacked in a brutal way. I am not dissing on Serbs in any way they are my brothers. I am strong Anti-Fascist,and i speak,and protest often against the far right in Croatia and i get many death threats 😀 antifa is not popular where i live ironic because it was build by ANTIFA:D. In fact i hate the fact what my "country" did in WW2 i hate my country for that. I hope that the people will see through the scams,of the Russia Ukranian nationalists ,Eu,and US. Be brave

  4. Society managed and run by tradcons…
    Prostitution and sex is frowned upon, only when others do it…But God forbid, when the rulings (people in power) does it, it's acceptable because she deserve it!
    Hypocrisy! Similar mentality to those people living in Islamic state.

  5. So…the one guy drags you to his desk so that you can interview him instead of the person you came to interview, because…he's the better fighter. And the other guy is holding a people's court, apparently without lawyers, any sort of defense or "innocent until proven guily"-principle, sentencing people to death and complains about…young women drinking alcohol and taking drugs because they can't be good moth—yeah okay, crazy people, I get it. o.O

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