Joe Rogan Experience #761 – Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten is a retired MMA fighter and former UFC Heavyweight Champion. He currently is the co-host of Inside MMA, and hosts a podcast with Mauro Ranallo called “Rutten & Ranallo” available on iTunes.

25 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #761 – Bas Rutten

  1. What the Fuck you dont have to show that infected wound every fucking podcast! Bas said hed already seen it! And is it really worth losing the ads just cause you wanna see it for the 133rd time?

  2. I worked with a guy who had a staph infection in that same spot under the arm, and it cost killed him. ONE of the infections Kevin had. The guys name is Kenny, and he literally almost died from the staph infection which became the size of a baseball INSIDE HIS ARMPIT! INSIDE HIS ARMPIT! Kenny was my size, 6'3" 230, got the infection, and was 195 lbs AT BEST. RIP Kevin, thank goodness Kenny survived. Wish Kevin did also.

  3. if u enjoy listening to 2 guys talk about nothing but guys ,,and which guy can beat up who…. this shits for you man… if u like steaight dudery with not one scent of vagina or humor. this paticular podcast is your man…lol

  4. love bass BUT
    IF there is a tall story to be told call this fucking guy
    i remember when i killed all the hells angels and mafia in one punch …then i went home and trained for 9 hours and was a boss

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