Inside The Fight Against ISIS In The Philippines (HBO)

When ISIS-linked militants took control of the Philippine city of Marawi more than a month ago, the government responded by declaring martial law in the region and launching an all-out siege.

Since then, more than 400,000 people have fled their homes. While most have found shelter with relatives in nearby towns and villages, more than 18,000 are still confined to 78 overcrowded evacuation centers. There are also hundreds of people still trapped inside the city, waiting for help and hoping to make it out alive. With the conflict entering its seventh week, the army is warning that the death toll, already over 400, will rise.

VICE News embedded with the people risking their lives to get civilians out of the city.

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27 thoughts on “Inside The Fight Against ISIS In The Philippines (HBO)

  1. Why does the intro try to make the government look bad? saying that they are in an all out siege (shows one helicopter lol) with X amount of civilians in the city. I live in Canada and if ISIS somehow took control of Toronto with me still inside I'd still want the Armed Forces to blow the fuckers to hell and let them meet the God they love so much..

  2. The current move by Philippines government to allow bangsamoro people to have some autonomous power over their region is absolutely correct and accurate right now. ISIS and all radical elements will loss influence over stipulated regions.

  3. the sad thing about all of this is, I can understand on a strategical level why the insurgency would want civilians around…. human shields, and the ability to blend in…. but the humanity in me will always want civilians to be safe, because most of the time they are elderly or poor, or children….sad that the world is this violent.

  4. all over the world, state forces come to kill militants. and kill militants, including civilians. bombs everywhere. They shoot bullets every time to kill militants. militants die. but also among civilians. then a member of the press comes. as if all destruction had been done by militants. and people believe in it. whereas the destructive burning is always the power of the state. yes the civilians are dead. but who killed? the state killed. Iraq Syria (Musul rakka Aleppo and other cities) Afghanistan Chechnya Philippines Somalia Thailand Vietnam and all over the world. is it over? no. tomorrow will come back stronger.

  5. I remember some years ago when President CLINTON Gave the terrorist group Abu Saraff $7million usd for rehsbilitation and become SEAWEED FARMERS 2 WEEKS later they were strutting their NEW UNIFORMS MI6s M14s with Scopes 50cal machine guns.all us weapons..i saw this I was there..they even set up road side Inspection stations with bunkers and 50cal mg checking every one on the roads..thanks Bill thing about Sesweed farmer which is a industry in the philippines THE TERRORISTS LIVE IN THE TERRORIST MOUNTAINS THE TERRORIST BASEs AND HOMEs ETC are in the fkin Mountains Too. not on the Coast.. you CAN NOT GROW SEA WEED IN THE MOUNTAINS PRESIDENT CLINTON..

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