Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – April 28, 2018

Joe sits down with Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on April 28, 2018.

31 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – April 28, 2018

  1. Some people sound so stupid when they talk about overpopulation… it has never been a question of how many people you can physically fit on the planet.
    The entire human population inhabits like 10% of the land area, and I think that's a generous estimate.

  2. Mum's the word to the engineer, as far as I'm concerned. Yung Jaymee sounds like a quivering butterfly of a man, that he can't handle someone speaking, differently from what he "gots an A! Wen I wuz in Collidge!" hahaha. WHY SO MAD, YUNG JAYMEE. I am embarassed for Joe, Eddie, and Schaub that Yung Jaymee opened his mouth to sully this

  3. Always Great l! Another thumbs up for —–
    The Mother fuckin Joe Rogan experience
    Love watching your cast Joe .
    That dudes pretty weird compared to most of your guests ….
    Still he's interesting and Fun to watch.

  4. Eddie wasn't that bad on this episode but man idk. Look. Not ONLY is he comin up with some off the wall, straight outta left field shit. But literally EVVVVERY single time he brings up ANY new conspiracy, he immediately over exaggerates, embellished, and/or just flat out lies and adds in something. You KNOW it's true. And every time, someone (usually Joe) has to correct him. I dk man I know that's joes friend but I really kinda wish he didn't have Eddie on anymore…..

  5. Jesus fucking Christ. I hate to be that guy, but fuck man. Eddie needs to just let this skeptic shit go. It’s so fucking ridiculous. If you don’t understand a topic then how can you say that it’s fake. The government doesn’t have shit to do with the laws that govern the Universe.

    He needs an honest reality check. He’s just being a cunt to his friends at this point. I’m inclined to say he has a mental deficiency. This is shit that paranoid schizophrenics do man. Going on about delusions that you can’t help them see past.

    But I know he’s a good guy. Just has his head in the wrong place when it comes to understanding what he’s claiming is a conspiracy. You always have to do the research yourself man. Don’t assume shit the internet tells you is true.

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