Devin Nunes Calls His Own Local Paper ‘Fake News’ (HBO)

California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes isn’t just a major Donald Trump defender — he’s also taking a page out of the Trump playbook and attacking his local newspaper as “Fake News.”

In June, Nunes launched an unusually long ad — running more than two minutes — against the Fresno Bee, for its coverage of a controversy surrounding a winery in which Nunes is invested.

“Sadly, since the last election, The Fresno Bee has worked closely with radical left-wing groups to promote numerous fake news stories about me,” Nunes says in the ad, giving no proof for the claims of collusion.

It was a rare campaign expenditure for Nunes, who isn’t seen as particularly vulnerable in his deep-red Central Valley district. But it was heard by enough voters in the district that Fresno Bee reporters received an uptick in hate mail, angry social media posts and voicemails denouncing their reporting and the paper.

Mackenzie Mays was the Fresno Bee reporter who wrote the original story on the winery controversy. In response to Nunes’ ad, she received voicemails calling her and her colleagues “corrupt bastards” — but she said it wasn’t the first time she’s gotten hate from readers, and their attacks have only gotten more vicious recently — since Trump was elected.

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41 thoughts on “Devin Nunes Calls His Own Local Paper ‘Fake News’ (HBO)

  1. I Honestly believe that some people are just ignorant. I cant believe these people think that if a News Report comes out about a Politician they like…to them they see it as a News Organizations attacking that Politician. That's ridiculous! If the News Organizations has Paperwork from Court isnt it obvious that the Report is true? God Damn it..

  2. This guys a price of shit….this guy is party over the country…..people like this will sell their soul to the devil…..I loved it when trump insulted his wife…..spineless jellyfish…..

  3. People like Rush Limbaugh successfully got poor people to believe that people MORE poor than they are, are dragging the country down. What they still don't realize is that Limbaugh was actually referring to THEM. They still don't get it. They continue to vote against their own self interest every fucking time.

  4. So the bottom line is this, he sold out his own Community the jobs in his community via the newspaper in order to make money. they paid him in order to shut up, shutdown the newspaper they paid him a significant amount of money in order to run that ad even though he had nothing to do with the situation…he sold out his own Community… his constituents AR losing jobs the economy in his own Community is suffering because of his decision to take as payola. get him out fast how could you sacrificed jobs and the people for money

  5. Because it is fake news. They caught got saying absolute bullshit several times. They are unbelievably bias. They literally do hit pieces on him daily, with out a shred of evidence for the vast majority of there wild claims. They are by definition fake news.

  6. Sounds like your hate for him has no real rational. Has not really done anything really bad. When ya all figure out the crimes HRC, Abama, and the gang have committed you won't be so confused.

  7. They are Lying if they don't know who to believe! Agolf has been tweeting Nazi secret coding with them, for instances:
    1) MAGA = Make America White Again
    2) Good people on both side: By World Definition ,there are no "Good" people on Nazi! Which means ..Orange is on the Nazi side!..if you like his excuse you are a Nazi!
    3) Fake News : Any media who have question on his(your) Nazi agenda, they are all Fake News! …………………etc

  8. Dude must me 100% sure he's going to be reelected. He's been to Britain doing "research" on Christopher Steele and doesn't even meet his constituents. The fact that he has nothing to fear is sad.

  9. That guy near the end of the piece is supposed to be one of the "normal" Republicans… and because he's started to believe the Fake News mantra, he now apparently doubts all media… God help the GOP.

  10. Nunez is the next nobel peace prize recipient. FBI is in TATTERS due to sessions brennan ROSENSTEIN mccabe yates lynch obama clintons Comey styk page corruption
    That's a fact and nunez EXPOSED it all

  11. The reason they are so afraid of Devin Nunes is because he will expose the depth of corruption in Washington DC we have never seen before. The intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice are corrupt from the top down and must be be brought to justice . Nunez is a great man.

  12. In this day and age, with all the technology at your fingertips, how can ANYONE say; "I don't know" ???
    Facts don't lie. Look shit up. If it is a COURT DOCUMENT does that mean it is made up??

  13. You see a trump supporter like the one in the video and you just get to see their little tiny brains trying to comprehend this difficult world! Total dumbasses! Drinking the Kool aid directly from Trump's assole

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