Simon Ostrovsky Returns To Eastern Ukraine: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 40)

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Earlier this month, a number of pro-Russia checkpoints around the Donetsk region were taken by Ukrainian forces, in an attempt to encircle the city of Sloviansk, a stronghold for the pro-Russia insurgents. Here, VICE News reporter Simon Ostrovsky embeds at one of the checkpoints with the Ukrainian National Guard, a volunteer militia made up of people who were protesting at the Kiev Maidan just a few short, but eventful, months ago. Simon spent the night in the dark basement of a police station with some of the men, as heavy fire and fighting rumbled above them.

Ukraine’s presidential elections are scheduled for Sunday, but with this volatile situation in the east of the country, it’s starting to look a lot more like a war.

“Deadliest Rebel Attack on Ukrainian Military Kills at Least 14” –

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28 thoughts on “Simon Ostrovsky Returns To Eastern Ukraine: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 40)

  1. Terorists atack Russians citizens…Where is videos howe russians separatist atack ukrains citizens?You dnt have videos..Same atacks like Serbians in Vukovar..Where is Eu when citizens want to help from Ukrains nazis atack???

  2. 7:127:32 Does this mother…….. know what the hell he's talking about ?! "Peaceful protesters on the maidan" , I think most of the real free world  and real free press showed us how cops are getting hammered with Molotovs , burning alive , hand grenades being thrown at them , shots fired at 'em and what not did those poor riot police suffer  WITHOUT retaliating like a normal police because that was the trap that the organizers and their foreign mentors were waiting for, for Yanukovich to give the order to use force .They were waiting for a photo or a video of a riot cop shooting or hitting a berserker maidan moron who vents his anger at the police , which are not the ones that  should be made targets of but the oligarchs and most of the people in power which now just switched sides and half of them are working for the new "President" , who's a well known oligarch , they call him the Candy Man , like some serial killer character in a Hollywood movie

  3. I was watching this documentary last night and realized that i know this dude Simon ! We used to hang out when we were like 16, drink shitty vodka and talk about Russia . We lost touch almost 20 years ago, he's turned into such a bad ass !

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