Joe Rogan Experience #610 – Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox is an English physicist and Professor of Particle Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester in the UK. His BBC science comedy show/podcast “Infinite Monkey Cage” with comedian Robin Ince will be touring the US during the spring of 2015.

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  1. It is an interesting argument about an infinite number of monkeys writing words of Shakespeare with a typewriter. I see that mathematically it is possible to happen an infinite number of times.
    But calculating probability is not trivial (if at all possible), because you need to consider physical aspects of typing with the typewriter. E.g. monkeys probably would press multiple letters at ones with the palm more often, instead of pressing a totally random letter with a finger.

  2. Watching this to hopefully see if Joe hits Cox with some avantgarde mind bombs m/ Not a big fan of Cox, his smile is so fake he gets off pleasing others in mainstream science. Hoping this discussion changes my mind but I'd proper like to punch his dumb smile off his face for some reason …it's like a natural instinct lol.

  3. Just listen to what he says about what the American tv people tell him what he should say about the subject, you will find it quite disturbing, I'm glad he didn't. Just shows again how the Americans will try and manipulate people and tell lies, see for yourself 1hour 52 sec,

  4. Sorry mate but to tell you the truth I've go more interested in science through games and you don't understand how games can stimulate the mind and enhance reflexes compared to being a couch potato and watching tv 24 7

  5. reprogrmming the brain with nonsense is a bad thing. going back to nature is a safe guard. its good for you. look up at the stars while at sea. it is inspiring to say the least.

  6. it states in the bible that god is the light and if thats true and there is only one . a singlarity. then that means we are all made from that light. pure light. the smallest thing the core /nucleus is the light. we are tge light. tesler stated that everything is the light. how would you write that down in a scienific way. it won't be E = mc'2. what would it be Light energy = everything . the connection to everything . ie everything is connected to everything else because everything is the light. hix partical what is its core. its the light . pureist light energy. work that out. am sure it can be achived.. the big bang in miniture( the sperm enters the egg) then there is a flash of light. i say its not a flash of light . the light has always been there . so that means the surroundings move appart and the light is seen. a nuke detanation the flash . no its things the surrounding area moves out to reveal the light. as the light gas always been there. this needs to be looked at. high speed camera filming the egg and sperm flash. then slow the footage down and see what happens. how to discribe it. imagine the shutter in a camera thats what we see then you open the shutter to let in the light . the light has always been there. this makes sense to me. test this out. i ian william ball have put this forward for futher examination. well i 'am from leeds uk. i did at one time live near the university and the local pub . the fenton and in the 70s 80s 90s people . students professors cime up with a lot of things. its not like that now. there where 3 people talking about a theory all 3 had different ideas about this. i some how picked this up and said to them . you are all right and if you combine all three together you will have the answers. they wrote a paper together. the bought me beer every time they seen me. the answers have always been there , like the light. combine things. combine theories and see what happens.

  7. the monkey puzzle , if the alagy was true then all that we have achived , has been achived multipull times and there for there is life through out the universe, in different stages of evolution . so we can't say that we are alone. we could tap in to the universe . mind to mind. are ideas could come from are connection to these races of a more advanced nature and those who are not that bothered about enything, could be picking up those with the same discernment. i think this could be the thing that could be pushing us in different directions. some want to go A and some B and then theres the C factor who are happy to just keep things the same and not change for the better.

  8. Lamarck's theory of evolution was mostly due to "inheritance of acquired characteristics" — which essentially says that an organism can use a body part, ( such as a giraffe stretching its neck) and alter that body part within its lifetime, and can then pass that change or changes down to its offspring. It was an early theory of evolution proven wrong shortly after. Evolution usually works on much larger time scales.

  9. Sad to see Scott has such authoritarian tendencies. You can’t force people to like science anymore than you can force me to like watching professional sports. I liked science by age 6 and my tastes haven’t changed in 50 years.

  10. This whole "voting on the internet" thing needs to die. Joe gives the example of running the world´s economy online as an argument to why we should be able to vote online. Well, the problem with running the world´s economy online is that a lot of scammers get rich from it. Everything online is also very vulnerable, and if you think Russia meddled in your elections now just wait until you move it online. It´s just a horrible idea as the internet is the least secure place in the world more or less.

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