VICE on HBO Extended: Return to the North

Vikram Gandhi speaks with a North Korean defector who, though he risked his life to assimilate into South Korea, now wants to return to the Hermit Kingdom.

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22 thoughts on “VICE on HBO Extended: Return to the North

  1. This guy is a fucking wack job. No way he represents even a tiny fraction of defectors.
    He left to escape living in constant fear or imprisonment and execution. And he is going back because struggles to find a job? WHAT!?!

  2. Just get a job. Don't do that it's so not worth it. And just don't tell them you're a defector! Or if they ask tell them how happy you are to be in a country where you can actually go and get what you want to eat and not have to starve!

    그냥 일을. 그렇게 가치가 없어 그렇게하지 마십시오. 그리고 당신이 탈북자있어 그들에게하지 않는다! 아니면 그들이 요구하는 경우에 당신은 당신이 실제로 가서 먹고 굶어 할 필요가 없게 원하는 것을 얻을 수있는 국가로 얼마나 행복한 그들에게 말해!

  3. Koreans come on 25.000 its not even that much. I thought it would be hundred of thousands already. just help these guys. try to imagine how lonely they must feel and what life they have left on the other side of that border.

  4. As a south Korean, I'm really sorry to him for various reasons. One, the government does not do enough things to provide better welfare for them, the escaped. The people in the south shoud raise their voice for it, yet they are worried about themselves because of the dictatorlike south korea government. Second, politicians and government are using them as political strategy. Especially the conservative governments lee and park. I am sorry. Really. This nation is just too weird and hectic. This nation does not care anyone. Sorry. I wish the president Park watches this video. Probably not. And the people wont know about it too. Ha… this nation is too… closed. South and North… both are closed in different ways. Shit.

  5. Basically all of his most distant relations and friends were stripped of all property and sent to penal labor prison camps until death for his fleeing North Korea. His self-sacrifice is the only thing he can really do to redeem himself in any kind of ethical or karmic sense. His choices brought great suffering, and now his choices can potentially relieve much suffering. It is a complex and tortured decision he faces.

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