Unrest and Opposition Over Military Rule: Thailand on the Brink (Dispatch 4)

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As Thailand’s military tightens its grip on the nation, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has now received a royal endorsement — an essential piece of legitimacy — for his new position as head of the National Council for Peace and Order. Activists, politicians, students, and pro-government Red Shirt leaders continue to be detained by the junta, though it’s not clear how many have been detained. Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is said to have been released, though no one has seen or heard from her yet.

The junta is continuing to strike at the media and free speech, vowing to deal with any opposition or critics with force. Yet anti-coup sentiment is on the rise. Each day protesters appear on the streets in the evening in busy areas to call for a return to democracy. For all the army’s threats, it has not yet used any deadly force against the protesters on the streets.

VICE News is on the ground in the “Land of Smiles” as the situation becomes more volatile and conflict engulfs the nation.

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49 thoughts on “Unrest and Opposition Over Military Rule: Thailand on the Brink (Dispatch 4)

  1. Its the fluoride. Sometimes people don't get enough of it. That could lead to civil unrest ,whistleblowers and accusations of corruption against the government. Ask your doctor about the benefits of fluoride and find out if fluoride is right for you.

  2. I'm Thai! and I don't give a shit about this for long time, I just go with the flow.
    My only curiousity is why they said they scare of every step they walk, that old woman said she have a fear, she can't go around,but while people attack to the military.
    it's bullshit! I can't see their fear, sorry!
    Coup in Thailand is not same as other countries! For me I can go out, I can live my life as usual but just have to back home early, that's all.
    A resist people always said they scared but still took themselves in the Red Zone!
    If they really scared, they should stayed home and for honesty I have ever seen people attacked on the military before in any coutries, just imagine if this situation that military has attacked by people while coup is happened, what is will be follow? they even attacked others who are on the opposite side. I hate their disrespect of the other oppinions.Therefor I think they shouldn't call for their Right, while they can't respect others. They require for their 'Right' but they didn't know their own 'role'.
    Sorry for bad English, I'm not a native. Lol

  3. Men grabbing power at each and every possible turn. History is doomed to repeat itself. Overthrow one corrupt leader to be replaced by another. I'm starting to think the candidates around the world need to have a mental evaluation before they're even allowed to have a seat in power.

  4. I'm from Thailand. and I gotta say there are many people who support the military and they have reason mainly cuz they feel safe, the day before the coup, it had been reported widely that both the red shirts and anti-gov't protests had stored weapons…if the coup had not taken place, a war might would have come the following day.. also many people were sooo fed up of whats going on. it has been debated whether or not democracy is suitable for Thailand. Sure it universally accepted as it is international norm but when it comes to localism this might not fit the society well…though im from there i really cant say much who's right who's wrong the issue is too complex and all im doing is trying to understand all sides….

  5. i dont understand why people dont ignore protesters, if the government deploys more troops it either always influences new protesters or brings about more, half the time if you ignore them and nothing comes them gathering in the streets then yelling chants for a couple hours they all get bored and leave, it is completely unnecessary to go and confront a group of protesters, now if they confront a building then that's something else but to deploy troops randomly in downtown streets is the stupidest shit ever

  6. More often than not I really like these Vice reports, but this piece seemed a bit overly dramatic. Other than for the red and yellow shirt protesters, the military has only been an inconvenience.

  7. I have a message for the people of Thailand, it is one of peace and hope for a future in Thailand where people are guaranteed their freedom, right to vote, and natural human rights. I am pro-Ukrainian, in February, a quarter of a year ago, our president Victor Yanukovych, earlier made a promise to sign a treaty with the EU, and he lied. He turned to Russia, the exact opposite of why Ukrainians elected him. In a true Ukrainians eyes, he was not the man they had elected, but one who pretended to be that man. We spent months in the main square of Keiv, our capital city, and we forced him out of the country, had national elections, and chose Poroshenko, a man who was democratically elected. We managed to overthrow the oppressive police state that took everything Ukrainians owned and gave it to the Russian government, both truly corrupt governments. If we can do it, since we have done it, all of you can do it too. It will take time, it will probably cost many lives including those of your families and friends, but it's possible. Good luck to the people of Thailand, show your strength, endure the storm, and after the torrent has passed, clear blue skies and the golden sun will shine over Thailand.

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