Dollar General Is Putting Local Grocery Stores Out Of Business (HBO)

Retailers around the country are shuttering stores — a list that ranges from Toys R Us, which just announced it’s closing or selling all its U.S. locations, to brands including Footlocker, J. Crew and Macy’s that are shrinking their brick-and-mortar operations.

But one retailer — Dollar General — is doing just the opposite.

The discount store has opened more stores than ever before, with more than 5,000 new locations across the U.S. since 2010. It now has more than 14 thousand stores in the country — or just about as many as McDonald’s.

It’s opening up stores in parts of the country that were slow to rebound from the recession —low income, rural communities that larger retailers won’t touch — and they’re making a lot of money doing it.

VICE News traveled to Kansas, where the rise of the discount store has spurred the fall of another, arguably more crucial type of establishment: small, local grocery stores.

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36 thoughts on “Dollar General Is Putting Local Grocery Stores Out Of Business (HBO)

  1. Really these people are crying because people are shopping at a store that’s a cheaper better option for them my store isn’t doing well so let’s try and shut the other store down wtf

  2. WoW Dollar general is shutting down mom and pops, I live in phx az and here they do ok, but serve low income places and are usually really shitty stores like very dirty and the clientele are not the best. Not to mention that if you buy dollar store crap it cost more then just going to faculae store many times.

  3. Truth is the others are going under , the fall of 🇺🇸,the Universe. 💥🌑🌌⭐🌠is tired of greedy corporations, the dollar stores don't have long either , 1world collapsing another 1 rising .Yah has is🙏

  4. Listen folks I worked for Dollar General for 7yrs. Their business model is to put their stores in the poorest communities. My store was in an area senior citizens and low income housing. Instead of driving or taking the bus they can walk to my store an get a bulk of what they need for the week. I had customers who would shop every day! The money makers were the “off brands” items. You wanna pay 4 or 5 dollars for a 3pk of Bounty paper towels or a $1 for the DG brand? I even had local businesses like restaurants, bars, and gas stations buying in bulk. Why go to a grocery store, Walmart or Sam’s Club when they can get the same items from my store? Perfect example, quite often we would have Pepsi products for a $1. Again the local businesses would rush to my store buy in bulk then jack up the price for their customers. DG doesn’t have a limit unless by law on their products. Walmart is also notorious for putting retailers out of business. The real story is how they treat their employees like crap. It’s like sweatshop conditions. No one can live off of $7.00 an hour! The money is as always in management and we got treated even worse. I was required to work 6 1/2 days a week salary. That way they can work us even harder. Many times management had to run their stores by themselves which is why Dollar Stores get robbed. Which is why turnover is off the charts! It’s been 6yrs since I left due to cancer yet I’m still getting checks from all the class action suits by current and pass employees. Even after that they still continue to grow and sweep the bad stuff under the rug. That’s the DG way!

  5. good their too high any way .if they want too stay in business they should lower their price and sell for a dollar too .no matter what they do its a win win for me. i love the dollar general why cant you do the same thing as the general stores .they made it a sucess why cant you.

  6. I remember seeing the same stories about Walmart 20 years ago. Grocer's problem is their pricing practices. They can't control the competition, they need to change their pricing strategy.

  7. Well, shit..that's Walmart on a grand scale and scheme of all things business…but in all in all…got to give kudos to the marketing team of Dollar General, they were geniuses to come up with there demographical plans on where they erected there stores…that's commerce working and firing on all cylinders, and also fair in there cooperate world, but…let them self implode..Starbucks did that and the only ones they competing against eventually was themselves which had hazardous outcomes resulting in massive closures of their coffee outlets…in due time …patience is key…but I'm all for who is providing the better deal overall..and what the people really want…

  8. If they are all stay open that should tell you they are needed each dollar store may offer something different the other one may not hv just like a mall but on a budget i say let them alone allow them to compete or compliment each other in the end the best dollar store will not be the one closing so what is your chamber of commerce doing to bring in new business

  9. The rich are destroying this country and people are shopping at a dollar store because they are broke, so it is because the rich have stolen 50% of the nations wealth leaving no money for the rest of us to survive on is why dollar stores are thriving, so put the blame where it belongs, —- DIRTY POLITICIANS, WALLSTREET CROOKS, THE BANKSTERS, THE CROOKED CEO's, these PEOPLE / CORPORATIONS ARE THE REASON WHY DOLLAR STORES ARE TAKING OVER and the rest of the stores are collapsing, again the RICH are destroying this nation and them and only them !!

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