Joe Rogan Experience #887 – James Hetfield

James Hetfield is a musician, singer and songwriter known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the American heavy metal band Metallica.

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  1. James is such an inspiration to me. Not just that he is arguably the best rhythm guitar player of this generation. That is besides the point. His attitude towards life, his values, his intelligent and thoughtful way of analyzing both sides of an argument is what I strive to be like.

    This man has gone through heaven and hell, and it shows. Very good interview. Thanks Joe Rogan.

  2. James used to write from a very dark place , and he did so AMAZINGLY. Since he has been sober, I honestly do think that it took part of his writing with it… He's still a good lyricist, but he used to be amazing…

    But, I know why he got sober and I have the absolute utmost respect for him, and I will never ever hold that against him are speak ill about him doing so. 8 am a very big Metallica fan.. More so of their first 5 albums..

    As a guitar player, James is a rhythm guitar God!!! 🤘

  3. Lmao hes comparing pirating music to stealing physical copy from store! I will buy your album when you pay Excel for stealing Sandman riff, you fucking cuck. Anything they released after justice for all is not worth even to pirate anyway, it's like you get it for free, yet you still feel like you want your money back.

  4. "Bombed movie?!" I understand "Through the Never" was not commercially a success, but it is one of my favorite movies, of all time! Is it the most iconic? No! ….but it doesn't have to be, to be a favorite! Keep rockin' Metallica!

    "Fifth Member", forever!

  5. talking about vinyl, I bought a Greta Van Fleet album from amazon, thought It was a CD. It was a vinyl, I think i'll buy a turntable instead of sending it back. I actually miss that, '40 years ago feeling'.

  6. James and Metallica are the reason I love music so much, and the reason I picked up a guitar, as well as picked up singing years later. From every interview I've seen with him he's such a chill, genuine guy. It would be awesome to have an opportunity to just sit an talk with him for an hour or two about anything and everything.

  7. I only just found this interview today, but this was terrific. James is only about 10-ish years older than me. I followed Metallica since the first time I swiped the original release of Kill 'Em All from my brother's room….during Highschool they were EASILY my favorite band on earth….if you listen to music here and there on youtube….ain't nothing wrong with it millions do it…I do it. But if you really respect the work of the artist, really like the album….stop being a cheap ass and at least buy the album. That's what I do. This extends to everything….people that why and cry about "I ain't paying for that movie"…."Holy shit [xyz game publisher] is charging for this expansion?!"…….(first any legit company offers a refund if you TRULY don't think the product is worth the money…act on that)….I mean… I always ask folks in these kind of discussions — "Do you work for free?"……….inevitably the answer will be (unless they are being a smartass) "No"……then I say "So why the hell should others?"

  8. “Ferel made only $2million on 43million plays.”
    And whats your point.. bc without a streaming service he would have made $0.00 and the songs would have just been downloaded for free.

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