Pro-Russian Protesters Occupy State Security Service Building: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 24)

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Pro-Russian protestors in Luhansk, the most Eastern city in Ukraine, took over the headquarters of the state security services on April 9. Armed with guns they found in the building, the demonstrators were determined not to leave. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky visited the occupied building, which despite the occupation, was surprisingly calm.

But not everyone in Luhansk wants to join Russia — and some who express that sentiment are suffering dire consequences. We spoke to one resident who said he was severely beaten for siding with Ukraine, and another who is determined to leave the area if Luhansk becomes Russian. Amid calls for parts of Ukraine to join Russia, the tension and unrest across the country is spreading — and it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict what will happen next.

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41 thoughts on “Pro-Russian Protesters Occupy State Security Service Building: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 24)

  1. Simon is a lying clown. He's trying to make it seem like the people don't want to be Russians. Truth is Simon, they do. They all want to be Russian. You're just searching soooo hard for that one guy who will tell you what you want to hear so you can spread your lie.

  2. Murica developed islamo-nazi isis and ukrainean neonazi batalliobs
    Iike Azov or dnipro (thry even dont hide their ss symbol "black sun"), western mass media dont have a instructions to show them and crimes like firing people alive in Odessa 02.05.14 or killed victory day meeting in Mariupol 09.05.14. Fuck murican terrorists and their satellites, use nuclear against murica! I send ammunition and money to Donbass and will do the same!

  3. The eastern most part of the Ukraine, and they want a referendum on entry into Russia, but the sign is in English.  The government is worried about U.S. troops.  All I can say is whether people want it or not, we are becoming one Earth awfully fast!  We fear the impact of one another so much and so immediately, we communicate so well compared to just 100 orv 200 years ago.  The sooner we learn to get along, respect each other instead of fear each other, and all have autonomy within our own areas, the more likely we will survive to battle the things that threaten us all, like climate change, illness, hunger, need for clean air, fresh clean water, energy that meets demands and harms nothing and no one, etc.

  4. Ха-ха.. У вас какая страна?
    Московское бюро.
    Наконец-то понял как лучше отвечать чтобы целым остаться.

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