JRE MMA Show #27 with Robin Black

Joe is joined by Robin Black to discuss the MMA fight world and breaking down some upcoming fights.

Robin Black’s YouTube Channel:

47 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #27 with Robin Black

  1. 7 months ago, after being hit in the face with a boomerang, Colby Covington misspoke during an interview on the "MMA Hour" when he rhetorically proclaimed that Werdum should "condone yourself like a professional". I thought it was funny and made it my screen name. It's been a long time coming but a few days ago I was vindicated. I just want to thank you God, I luuhhh you.

  2. 3 things:
    1) Robin Black's voice is irritating as fuck
    2) Robin Black's tattoos are irritating as fuck
    3) Robin Black talks about MMA like that English teacher you hated because she found symbolism in bullshit.

  3. What sucks is that I think JRE fans genuinely want to say hi to meet Joe or get a nod from Joe because he’s such a positive influence to us all. Yet, if there was someone Instagram famous like lil Tay or Takashi69, you might see the same group crowding them for attention when there’s such a deeper level of depth with Joe, and this is where I think resides the problem where the lines are blurred because of what Joe referred to as people trying to “catching their Pokémon.”

  4. I love dumb dumbs like Robin Black who have been to Asia/Russia a few times/spent some time in Asian countries/Russia and thinks he can speak to the way all Asians/Russians view fighting. What a fucking joke. You're just a Canadian dumb-ass who watched too many Bruce Lee movies.

  5. Like a lot of (loud) people, I started with a negative mindset about Robin Black. I'm glad I put aside my biases and listened to what he has to say. He's got a fantastic insight into the fight game and even though his music isn't my bag and we can diss his style all day he brings a lot to the table with his unique analytics. This JRE has been one of my faves. Thanks for the high-level discussion, Joe and Robin!

  6. Ok I figured it out. It's the non-stop response to everything "that's just fundamentally who he is as a human being, that's what's in his soul, his fighting is a representation of his artistic expression and that's absolutely beautiful." Shut the fuck up.

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