PTSD From Gang Violence in LA (Trailer)

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There’s an epidemic of PTSD in American cities, and it has nothing to do with the wars being fought abroad. Homegrown violence and a sense of impunity in America’s urban war zones are leaving thousands of teenagers with severe psychological trauma that stunts their emotional and cognitive development. VICE News travels to the front line of this epidemic in Los Angeles with the kids who are suffering, and the adults trying to save them from being destined for the fringes of society.

Meet the South Central LA School Counselor Who Helps Students Combat PTSD From Gang Violence:

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47 thoughts on “PTSD From Gang Violence in LA (Trailer)

  1. So i guess these hate comments come from america right?
    Shocking to see once again how intolerant these people have grown.
    Don't get me wrong, a big part of america isn't racist, but the part that is should not be and also certainly not in this amount.

    Inb4 im totally a "left wing activist/terrorist trying to kill murica" (duh)

  2. The land of freedom, capitalism and corporations, it pays to be educated in that way, if you're black and taken there against your will and unable to cope in a big competitive, unequal country, goodluck to you, the same happens if you're from Latin countries working for the bottom pay, what a disgrace! Good thing Latin countries are trying to stay the fuck away from the usa exploitative influence. You better be white in that country landed upon by white, that slaughtered millions on the land to become superpower in as little as time, this is how their sacrifice is thanked, by yet an unequal society, you are doing great! Glad I'm from a place that not much is expected from one.

  3. This is video is a real eye opener. When the adrenaline level is always high it can really mess up your personality and actions. When people see their best friend lying in a pool of blood they are never the same again. A man who is in fear for his life is the most dangerous creature you will come across.

  4. Definitely tricked us with the title(was thinking special forces combat veterans)…who gives a shit if criminals have PTSD?  Vice does! Because they are a left wing propaganda company without a doubt, Shane Smith : SUCK IT!!

  5. so interesting how instead of listening to these children talk about their stress, some of you come in here just to insult them. they have bigger problems than internet trolls calling them the n word.

  6. I say we bomb the area, and reconstruct it. The loss of life will be a greater benefit to the U.S. rather then keeping them and wasting money on them. Especially by sending to jail. If they shoot someone and he is bottom line guilty then its to death sentence for him! Eye for an eye. And oh thats in human? What isn't in human about allowing hundreds of people of the same race to continue to kill each other with no one ever stepping in and then wasting thousands of dollars just keep the same type of people to be bred. Wth is wrong with our government. And who cares about the families, oh lets send somone to jail because the murdered 3 people where they will get a nice bed,warm room, showers, tv, tables, guards, nurses, doctors, and recess as if they were little children. If someone is senteced to life then why keep them alive where the family knows they may never spend good quality time with them! Its the same as having them dead, but not for the prisoner he gets treated like a king compared to people with minimum wage jobs.All this crap is given to prisoner who murder when the working force is struggling to make it by just to get these essential needs in life and ESPECIALLY our veterans who return home to nothing but a few thousand buck in their bank accounts since most enlist in high school and only ever get to E4 or E5 without enlisting twice. Unbelievable I say.

  7. All shot with illegal guns. Gun Control is for lawful citizens, not for criminals. Disarm the lawful citizens and the police and criminals will be the only people armed. What a world that will be. If you don't know what it's like then look at Europe.

  8. This is everyday shit in Venezuela. I'm literally afraid to make a 5 minute walk back home from the movies because I just think "I'm getting fucking kidnapped, man!" It's the worst feeling in the world, and everyday you feel more trapped within your city

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