The Foster Home From Hell: “Love Serve Surrender”

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A VICE News exclusive investigation: Hippie guru Jay Ram was hailed as a public hero for fostering, adopting, and caring for dozens of boys that had nowhere else to go. But years later, a new picture has emerged. Several of his sons have come forward to say that he preyed on them sexually and forced them to recruit other boys to molest. VICE News has uncovered new evidence that shows that charities and child welfare agencies missed several clear warning signs, and continued to place new children in Ram’s care. Until now, he has never faced justice.

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50 thoughts on “The Foster Home From Hell: “Love Serve Surrender”

  1. What a heart breaking story….but lets all be conscious about this story.. white privilege allowed this to happen! White society and the powers that be, allowed this to happen, even after this preditor had been accused….he was a white male, and in their eyes white is right, with no room for questions!

  2. I like to know and make a sugestion Is tatooing known pedafiles on their forheads too much,too cruel?I dont think so. If we were to !!Compare with what happens to the innocent children when touched in this way ,to me this is a far graeter punishment for the child,then tatooing pedaphiles on their forheads.
    if we were to say alright we will punish this child because he is innocent for an adult to .sexually abuse him/her is that extreme?,because that is exactly what is occuring to these innocent children.There has to be a world wide law for these pedaphiles about tatooing them on their forheads for life,and that will not be extreme.They should not be doing this at all..We can also warn our children not to go any where near the tatooed men.Alright what happens to the ones that do it and not caught?They would be very worried,and i feel it would make it a little less hopefully.i dont think it will deter them completely but it will at least make it less,i am sure.
    The moment there is not much strict laws against pedafiles.I feel the punishment should be in the same line as murder,and if caught they should get Life.

  3. So the Lieutenant who tried saving a group of innocent boys gets punished and sued yet the adoption agency lady who knew it wasn't right to send boys to Jay Ram but still did is now a supervisor? Yeah, that makes sense. Also no wonder the supervisor didn't want to appear in an interview. Cause she knew the reporter would grill her with why she was sending boys to Ram after repeated accusations against him from the foster children.

  4. Unfortunately, this kind of stuff was happening in local foster homes everywhere in the United States at least into the early 2000’s! I lived in many homes in the state of Ohio from the age of 5 until I aged out of the system in 2002! I witnessed multiple homes in my time where young boys were being abused and even told me once at an agency Easter party about the abuse going on and when these boys finally found an adult that could be trusted and cared to do something and it was brought out into the open, the foster Dad fled somehow and the agency swept it all under the rug and hear boys were put into detention homes I believe until other homes were found! This is terrible and I am so glad that these instances are being brought to light

  5. kidnap his ass into the deep jungle torture his ass for years dont shoot start from the toe nails and work your self where slow this monsters should be treathet like there victims because pedofiels get 2 years there victims get live long so eye for eye thooth for thooth

  6. I was abused by my foster dad. When my sister (her husband) found out she kicked me out. Went around telling everyone i knew including family that i seduced him. He even confessed to it but because of a clerical error he was let free. Guess what he did not even two years later!? He abused his own daughter but to get away with it this time he blamed another family member. It's situations like mine and too many others that just piss me off. Monsters like him are allowed to continue abusing people.

  7. My god . i read a child called it…base don true abuse like this…..i legit vomited a couple of times on how the mom abused her son..ppl should be killed when nessecary.dark just sick mentally…so effed up


  9. Carlos, so sad. It broke my heart to watch him cry. I saw a little baby in him. Sad. If vice can put him in touch with me, I’d help. I know abuse. And have had 7 kids married 24 yrs. I broke my chains. I’d really like to write him. My heart is broken. I know several were abused. But he touched my heart. It’s terrible. I’m serious, not a seeker.. I just truly affected.

  10. It seems like the only time kids are taken away from parents is when they actually care and do their best to take care of their kids…instead of helping these parents and kids stay a family CPS rips these kids out of a loving home and put them into the system where these kids are then abused by the very system that should've been protecting them!! How many cases has there been over the years where CPS knew that the kids were being abused in their home but left them there to continue to be abused some to the point of death and then saying oh my bad… CPS doesn't work for families it seems like their goal is to ruin families that are just going through a hard time and just need a little help to get by but the families where the kids are in danger CPS just leaves them to their fate!!! CPS should be investigated and revamped so that they actually do their job which is to protect the children that need it not to rip kids from families that love and care for them!!!

  11. It's sad how many children live like this. CPS is a business, like everything, it's about $ government funding. Taking kids from homes that may or may not be unfit to put them in a worse place. Happens everywhere! I personally know pedos and heroin junjies that have foster kids but on paper I guess they are good people!!! 😢 What can be done? If no one will listen?

  12. If you ask me he partook in the messed up stuff and that’s why he’s trying to tell his side and protect his identity.. it was the 70s with no real good technology.. he’s tryna save ass

  13. What kind of social workers. Pls pls those social Workers. PLS work harder when u come TO check out those fosters kids pls spend more time to look around the HOUSE, look at the KIDS, Talk to THE KIDS. THE KIDS were count on social workers…..most social Workers were very lazy. . pls TAKE their license away….

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