Ukrainian Lawmakers Brawl in Parliament: VICE News Quick Hit

Fists fly in Ukraine’s parliament after an opposition lawmaker grabs Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk from the podium during an annual speech. The prime minister and his allies are accused of corruption, and MP Oleg Barna says the people will remove him if he doesn’t resign.

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35 thoughts on “Ukrainian Lawmakers Brawl in Parliament: VICE News Quick Hit

  1. To all foreigners, I'm surprised by your stupidity and ignorance. Hopefully, people who leave comments on VICE News are usually uneducated and misguided. You don't represent your nation in general just as the corrupted politicians don't represent Ukraine. The gesture with the flowers was sarcasm from the opposition, "Good job, Yatsenyuk. Here is a flower for you. Now, leave your post for us. We would handle everything." That's how I saw it.

    P.S. You should be extremely foolish to believe in some political organisations such as "Правий сектор", etc. and think that they can change anything. They are bond to other politicians and make business together. If you want to change something in your life, you change yourself. This rule can be adapted to any country.

    P.P.S. To all the bots from Russia, go and fuck yourself. Do something with your life and country. When you reach bread buttered on both sides for a majority of the people, only then you can teach. But for now, you're nothing. Moreover, you will die in your shitty hole without any significant achievements and contribution to the world. Something to think about, and at last start to act.

  2. Hopefully the artificial state of Ukraine will be put out of it's misery as soon as possible. For those who doesn't know that, 'Kievan Rus' was actually first Russian state, and word 'Ukraine' itself means 'Borderlands'. And very first time when 'Ukrainian State' ever existed as entity was German puppet state in 1918 – to exploit it's resources and to further cripple Russia – as they tried now.

  3. Ukraine has, in facts, never been anything else than a part of Russia – from West to East Ukraine, from Czars to Stalin to Putin. And from revolutions to pogroms to famines to rages (with a few assassinations from time to time) in roads, bars, and parliament
    Thu 17 Dec 2015 18:17 GMT

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