Joe Rogan Experience #1127 – Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of The 100 Mile Group. Check out his new book “Living With The Monks” available at

26 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1127 – Jesse Itzler

  1. "I'm wasting a lot of energy on people who don't want to waste energy on themselves."
    This is my life as a professional healthcare provider. The sad part is what is the alternative? Well it's showing up to work and cashing it in after you have been to school for 8 years to help people. Crappy situation.

  2. Quantity isn't better than quality though. Would you rather have 10 good, joyful visits left with your parents on the holidays where you get along and want more or would you rather have 40 visits, some resulted in arguments, some you just grew sick of them talking, some you just didn't want to go to at all…

  3. I just have this nagging feeling that Itzler brought that dude in to live with him so he can watch him fuck his wife. I have no evidence that this is the case besides hearing that the dude is a fucking chad. Think about it, military bro sets up shop in your house, makes your life hell by forcing you to exercise constantly and jump in freezing water, and then winds down by eating your food and pounding your wife. It's a hilarious idea.

  4. Around the 25/30 minute mark Joe talks about distractions and how you free up your mind when you deny input. I tried that after and my mind felt so creative and productive. It truly does free up your mind and it was really refreshing. Thanks Joe.

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