Sneaking Into A Ukrainian Military Base: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 2)

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Angry crowds of Russia supporters as well as Russian military units surrounded and entered Ukraine’s Naval High Command in Sevastopol blocking all exits and demanded that its officers switch allegiance to Crimea’s new Kremlin-aligned government. Naval Command has so far remained mostly loyal to Kiev, but its fall would represent a significant psychological victory for Russian forces.

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35 thoughts on “Sneaking Into A Ukrainian Military Base: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 2)

  1. а вы видели русских журналистов на американской базе берущих интервью у американских генералов говорящих по русски)) ..автор может попробует сейчас взять там интервью.поснимать кхо. В этом и был смысл захвата крыма,чтоб там небыло американских баз.Ну а правильно это или нет каждый решит сам для себя.

  2. The idiot is annoying me !!! Nobody understand that Russia is allowed to place soldiers in the Sevastopol Naval Base because they had a contract. So the Ukrainian Soldiers are illegal there. Or it is illegal that they don't let the Russians in the Bases.

  3. I just came from the Ukraine and they hate us (Americans and westerners) over there because we provide absolutely no assistance to their ongoing war IN THE NAME OF WESTERN DEMOCRACY. There are many causes to rally behind but 10,000 Ukrainians have died and will continue to die unless we show them that aggressive provocation will not be tolerated. Personally there is not much I can do at this moment in my personal life other than to inform my friends and family but I hope you will do the same. One day there will be peace ✊🏻🇺🇸

  4. Россия только может что нападать на слабых и считает это величием и крутым поступком. Ссыкуны поганые. Аляску так отожмите, чмошники. ее ведь тоже "подарили" незаконно по вашей российской логике. Но хер вы туда рыпнитесь, потому что обосрете штаны только от мысли сделать это.

  5. The VICE NEWS guy is brilliant.  He clearly shows the World that Russia annexed Crimea to stop Russians of Crimea to continue to speak Ukrainian (as they just started after 20 years of being a part of Ukraine).  Shame on Putin!  Slava Ukraine!

  6. mlja smeweno!!!!!!!!!!!!oruzejku pod kameru otkrili urodi!!!kto sluzil pojmet 4to eto podstava!!fotkatsa dembeljam bilo zapres4eno a tut hodi snimaj na kameru oruzejku!!!tak i prosrasli Krimk uroidi!!

  7. occupation? your family is in danger ? hahaha stop with your propaganda bullshit, people go and vote to exit ukraine and that's it! it was ok when droglord islamist country Kosovo did it, EU double standards peace of cunts!

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