Afghanistan: What We’re Leaving Behind (Full Length)

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As foreign forces withdraw from Afghanistan, violence is increasing. Fighting between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban is chaotic and often indiscriminate, and civilian casualties are rising, as Afghans pay the price for the West’s failures.

VICE News correspondent Ben Anderson visited an NGO-operated hospital in Lashkar Gah — one of only two in the Helmand province — to speak with the medical staff as they attempt to manage the ever-growing influx of patients.

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50 thoughts on “Afghanistan: What We’re Leaving Behind (Full Length)

  1. You mother fuckers American that's the thing that you wanted? Look this kid as an Afghan I will cry and it's too sad for me to see my country and my people like this everyday, that's all thing that you created

  2. This documentary has brought out 2 things , firstly the evil within humanity which has caused this suffering . 2ndly the self less service of all those doctors who instill faith in humanity … thanks to vice .

  3. Oh my god. This is horrible.
    I visit Afghanistan annually, and it's just Kabul, Panjsher or Kandahar I see. Not these parts. And seeing them today in this video just made me realize how terrible Afghanistan's state is. May Afghanistan get a proper leader before me, so that things don't seem this complicated when I become the president.

  4. People bitch when we're there, bitch when we leave early due to all the domestic and international pressure, we're the ones who cleared the Taliban out and established an Army in the first place. It's always our fault right? You just hate us cause you ain't us.

  5. what the US-coalition forces are leaving is a destroyed country, with a super-rich elite… all those billions of dollars going to Hamid Karsai's family, relatives, and friends…. all the services provides by NGO… and the money going where??

  6. You cannot spend lives and treasure trying to drag a country into the middle ages from the dark ages overnight, it's just not possible. The west has no business being there and should leave these lucky people to their tribalism and superstition.

  7. Now Muslims understand the meaning of peace and what happens when u kill with the name of god . U go to stone age . Still I feel sorry for those civilians and that kid , may god grant heaven to those doctors and hell to Taliban .

  8. In order for the USA to re-compensate to the Afghan people is to put pressure on Pakistan government to stop supporting Taliban and other groups killing Afghans.

  9. It wasn't a war on terror as declared by stupid bush, its a war on human and savages attacked a beautiful country and made hell out of it now some fools come here and say let them kill each other.. it was your fucking money that osama used against u n u came to clean ur mess but left us in worst mess.. im not happy to say but ur own dog porkistan bit u n beat u n my country n u lost unfortunately..

  10. Americans leave my country alone. Stop creating terror I'm my country. U think ur blood is so precious, u kill afghans every day children and babies and women. and u don't care.
    Whereas when one white solider dies everyone goes nuts. Shoot

  11. Wait wait, that Afghan says OTHER PEOPLE made them fight? Those guys have been fighting each other for millenia. Intertribal warfare has always been a thing among Afghan tribes, and it's not even an Islam thing. The Pashto have always been fucknuggets with their precious vengeance and their codes of honor, and that predates Islam, even.

    If anything Islam should have welded them together with the concept of a universal Ummah, but no, even with Islam these tribes all hate each other and feud at the drop of a turban. Fucking dickweeds. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and maybe you'll be able to solve them.

  12. So many idiots forget the US trained the Taliban and Al Qaeda and gave them weapons to fight the Soviets because apparently religious fundamentalism is better than socialism.

  13. This breaks my heart. The first few scenes with the children and then the first American casually walking around, talking about some suicide killer who has probably wiped out a whole Afghan family with that suicide bomb. It's so sad and painful.

  14. People are upset that Pashtuns are Taliban and even that is racist. We are Pashtuns and hate the taliban..who doesnt hate the taliban. It's so sad and upsetting when Afghans themselves live with stereotypes 🙁
    In the mid 70s and early 80s the capital of Afghanistan was very modern and advanced. The south and more rural areas were still behind and there was no education and people couldn't read and write. The same was in the south of the country were most Pashtuns live. Those families got the chance to educate their young boys. Pakistan offered free education in Pakistan. Everyone got happy and sent their children. These were the Taliban. The word Taliban means Student. These Student went abroad to get an education, and become masters is religious knowledge. It was considered as something very noble and high. Little did the poor families back home know that Pakistan had a dirty plan. They created religious schools (Madrasas) where they started educating these teenagers. Teenagers that were completely illiterate before that. Once they came back after being completely brain washed they had learned nothing about Islam. They were thought that they were Pashtuns and should fight the other ethnic minorities, they were told that the west is evil and that they should hate them no matter what. They were brain washed into believing that Kabul was a place where there were no muslims. The south of Afghanistan lost one whole generation of bright young individuals like this. Next thing happened in Afghanistan. After coming back to Afghanistan, these Taliban (Students) had gathered a lot of respect now. They could read, write and had knowledge about the religion. Next thing they do is, they created Madrasas in the south of Afghanistan. Everyone got happy once again as not everyone was able to sent their sons to Pakistan for an education. The next generation was also brain washed. Today there are still madrasas in Pakistan and we know that the main basis of the Taliban is in Pakistan in the city Quota (The capital of Baluchistan). Yet Americans have not invaded Pakistan and consider Pakistan as an Ally. Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan, yet nato with over 50 countries is in Afghanistan. The Pashtun comunity has fallen victim to this nasty war and we lost too many bright young individuals. Right now the Pakistani government is talking to other ethnic groups like Tajiks Uzbeks and Hazaras. Saying look at the Pashtons, they are Talibs they are ruining your country. They wont tell them that the Taliban is a creation of Pakistan and this way we Afghans will fight with each other. I love all my Afghan brothers. whether Pashtun, Tajik, Sikh, Hazara, Uzbek, Turkmen, Baloch, Pashayi etc. Peace.

  15. Cant believe the Afghan gov. is thinking of negotiating with the Taliban. This conflict seems to be never ending and i guess they think the Taliban will leave them and the West alone. Naive and dangerous. Ask those kids and citizens in the hospital. The afghan government and taliban are the worst for the truly civil people in the country

  16. For these racist white europeans and americans the day u stop eating curry from our shops, the day u stop travelling in our taxis, the day u stop going on holidays in our countries and the day u stop asking for us to cover your shifts at your work places for christmas day untill then shut your stinky pork eating dirty white pink/red faces because your hating and racist rant will make u feel like shit and make u feel ashamed and belitteled after you read this post.
    Have a good day.

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