VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – August 25, 2014

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Donetsk separatists mock Ukraine’s split from Soviet Union by parading prisoners through the city, China executes eight in Xinjiang on terrorism charges, President Obama sends three officials to funeral of Michael Brown, and Mexico inaugurates small federal police force to protect economic sectors.

Donetsk Rebels ‘Celebrate’ Independence Day
Crowds chanted and booed dozens of prisoners of war, mostly soldiers, as they were paraded through the embattled eastern city.

Eight Executed on Terror Charges in Restive Xinjiang
Government has widened its crackdown on extremism in the region, which is home to the country’s predominately Muslim Uyghur minority.

President Obama Sends Aides to Ferguson Funeral
Several thousand people are expected to attend the service for 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Government Unveils New Security Force
The 5,000-strong force will help protect agriculture, mining and energy sectors from violent drug cartels.
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36 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – August 25, 2014

  1. America is so dumb… These blacks have to understand they are as equal as everyone else. They have a enough equality. What if a cop shoots a white kid and whites start a riot. Oh no thats not racist because they are white…

  2. michael brown a future nobel prize winner and valedictorian was gunned down by a police officer who was a known KKK member and NRA activist while brown was crossing the street to help a struggling old lady with her groceries. vice news this is how you make the story sound when in reality mike brown was a criminal who robbed a store attacked an officer reached for his gun and was shot sure shooting mike six times was excessive but shooting him was justified

  3. only when you are left without work, without salary or pension, without home, without relatives and friends, who fled god knows who where, can you possibly understand the east of Ukraine people, who have been bombed, shot at, destroyed and depopulated from their own towns and villages.

  4. I am black but I have to admit we play right into the governments hands, apparently michael brown wasn't so innocent as he was made out to be (I have no proof of this but this is what people are saying), black on black crime goes on every single day but no one protests about it? What the police officer done to michael brown was wrong and he should be jailed. But why do we protest against the white police officer? When black on black crime goes on all the time and no one protests? We seriously need to unite as a race and become more civilised and seriously use our heads! It's sad to say but we are becoming a laughing stock

  5. What the fuck, those people need humantary help, but can throw rolls of toilet paper at Ukrainian soldiers. Lol, fuck Russia and free Ukraine from those filthy Russians!

  6. I'm black and I know I could be in the same situation like anyone from NYC Missouri Florida and California. They want us to follow the law but cops brake them or we are victims to being poor system that relies on expensive penalties poor folks can't afford while some wolf of wall street thug can extort snort drugs and bang and murder hookers and get no time than a kid. If the world wants to know something about the U.S. We protect thugs that have money but go after petty crooks. Brainwashed?

  7. Vice your reporting is usually unbiased but when you report on the mike brown shooting it seem pretty clear you are trying to paint a picture for his innocence. It is evident the black community in Ferguson believes that Mike Brown was a victim and they will riot if the police officer is not convicted.

  8. Kind of interesting that vice doesn't make any mention of kiev independence military parade and only shows little kid's and happy families while comparing them to donetsk. Little sudel diffrences made too demonize one and defend the other, great journalistic intergrity guys!

  9. Let me add this in for you guys. Israel: Early morning, rocket sirens went baliring not it the south, but in the north of israel in the golan heights from incomming rockets. Not from the gaza strip but from syria rasing more alarms for israel and Israel citizens living in the north.

  10. Maybe they should focus on making places like Fergusen less shitty rather then empowering only black and latino people this is 2014 everyone is poor.  If you want to fight racism then the government and the media needs to stop thinking in terms of race, I mean its not like Micheal Brown was a good person.  Hell, we got laws now that seem to work on the assumption that all white people are racist and that is horse shit and really fucking racist, our government fails us all with laws and programs like this.

  11. What inequality to blacks have today in america?? lol They don't get treated any differently and the moment someone opens their mouth to be racist they are shut down. They are rioting to rioting.. Nothing more.. And from everything i've seen that kid looks like he was a thug

  12. The moderates can claim "Religion of Peace" all they want , but wherever Islam is around the world, there's always violence associated with it. And the scum involved can accurately claim that they are obeying the actual words of the Quran.
    Islam – the religion of savages.

  13. As a black teen i can say black people are very misguided in the Ferguson riots. Yes cops shouldn't kill unarmed civ, but they do alot greater good than bad. What they need to be focusing on is black on black violence which is the worst of all.

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