Ambushed in South Sudan (Full Length)

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The war in South Sudan began in murky circumstances in mid-December, when tribal factions within the country’s army, the SPLA, began fighting each other in the center of the capital, Juba. The SPLA quickly fractured into two camps: an insurgency drawn from members of former vice president Riek Machar’s Nuer tribe and troops who remained loyal to President Salva Kiir, of the Dinka tribe. Both sides have been accused of committing gross human rights abuses during the conflict. VICE News arrived in Juba and found the army desperate to dispel rumors that rebels were advancing on the capital. Soldiers were keen to take our correspondents on a trip with them into the bush to recapture the strategic city of Bor from the rebels… only the raid didn’t turn out quite as they had expected.

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37 thoughts on “Ambushed in South Sudan (Full Length)

  1. After a while, I hear the same time-worn excuses about how the government of a country won't allow any filming. I'm just not buying it,. The reality is that the gruesomeness of local internecine wars cannot be shown to a Western audience and thus the old "government, army or whomever won't allow us to film" excuse is employed. This news reporter doesn't even come close to getting into the real "action: of a conflict. It's the typical sanitized war news reporting that we're all too familiar with.

  2. It's funny the general was saying that the rebels are not trained soldier, that they don't know what they're doing. When in reality he must have been talking about his own soldiers, when the firing started they were all running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They had no idea what to do and no one was directing them because all the high ranking soldiers took off leaving their men behind, it's like they got zero training. Maybe most of them were not even soldiers the General probably got a few locals to put on a uniform to show the media that he has lot's of soldiers in his unit. LOL

  3. muslims are dying everywhere. happy to see such filthy islamic cancer people are dying. the world would much better then. the only gud muslim is dead muslim.

  4. Arabs and Africans are fucked! When 30 years pass, when the oil runs out they will be starving killer, in tribes wandering to steal their neighbors and worse; by shouting "Our Gd (islam) is Great (?).

  5. Alot of people talk about other armies, But take a good look at the arm forces from the United States. In a close fight all they do is waste ammunition!!! they just shoot with out knowing where the enemy is.

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