Chaos In Brazil: On The Ground At The World Cup (Dispatch 2)

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VICE News is in Brazil as the World Cup gets underway. In the second dispatch, our correspondents explore the other side of the tournament while observing a protest in Rio de Janeiro in which Brazilian security forces use tear gas and batons to arrest demonstrators. The crew then attends a press conference held by the authorities to hear their justification for the violence they have employed in order to quell dissent.

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31 thoughts on “Chaos In Brazil: On The Ground At The World Cup (Dispatch 2)

  1. Wow 1 guy the whole time i was at the world cup and the cunt falls off a bus some  protest ! well done Brazil on having a great World Cup everyone that was there enjoyed it !!! Wicked People Cool Country !

  2. Which person in VICE thought it would be a good idea to name ruffians who dress up, with masks, backpacks, donned in all black, as "protesters". Those people are looking for trouble, making store owners close down in fear of them, disturbing streets, and antagonizing the police. VICE news, today, you lost your credibility. You're clearly biased, trying to portray the very juvenile "fuck the police" mentality. Speaking from experience, there are people who are there to support a cause, and then there are people who are just there to cause trouble.

    If you think about it from the POV of the police, you're hired to protect the peace, the general safety of the community. You have these thugs come with masks, throwing projectiles, hurling insults, and then you have VICE news and others branding them as corrupt and anti-democracy when they start to retaliate. Police are people too.

     Very disappointing.

  3. STOP acting like retards brazil , because you people have never seen real war only drug wars (witch is invented by hitler) you are a football country WHY DONT YOU LIKE FOOTBALL ? And dont say iT is money

  4. I have seen this show and my conclusion is that you are protesting against the police who are getting paid like shit , and you people have dont respect for them at all EVEN for the good people who want to protect people from getting hurt . I dont understand ! Why protesting against the police ?? Protest against people who have billions of money i understand

  5. what pisss me off is that its an illegal march and if its not stopped at the end point ofcourse you gonna use force!! its like an intruder into your house are you just gonna let them walk in and take hat they want!! but soon as some1 films a cop slamming some1 it becomes a big deal!! yes i agree there is alot of Police brutalality. but sometimes like in this case its necessary

  6. I'm brazilian and all I can say is that this country is fucked up. We have a president who doesnt give a shit about giving away tons of cash to FIFA. We have almost no good schools, if you want to study in a nice school you have to pay a lot for it. Small entrepeneurs pay tons of taxes in order to buy, manufacture or sell products, making it almost impossible to start any kind of business.

    All I can say is that the only thing you can expect from here is violence, poberty and lots of people on strike. And to screw everything even more, people just don't care if our politicians are corrupt anymore… that's true, most people here just vote on whoever shows up more on the TV.

    So yeah, welcome to Brazil. High taxes, violence and no education what so ever.

    Sorry for any gramatical error. Thanks to Vice News for showing the world the REAL World Cup in Brazil.

  7. sorry these videos are bollox, this guy presenting these videos is a total goon, whats with the hat its hot in rio, muppet….. I live in Rio and could do a better job than this. Copacabana isnt tense – i live there shut up… They are not protesters they are rioters.. Black emos, they are all a buch of emo kids who want to start trouble to be a rebel, i was with one, one day and he wanted to set fire to a bin, i looked at him like he was an idiot…. Really is this the best journalism from Rio, and why are you only in Rio, the world cup is all over Brazil, send that goon show to manaus…. ugh….. painful viewing….

  8. fukin pigs. here in LA they the same. do all types of pig shit. wtf is it when ur armored 5 on 1 wit wepons nd grab ppl phones like its notin. fukin pigs.

  9. Am sorry but there is no way that you will ever get any results by rioting or protesting alone. you need powerful influences in the chain of command. Aside from this you need to have a force to be able to take out high level targets. this people are getting bloody for what ? they cant change anything because those in power are no were near the protest. find the high targets that support the spending and take them out easy as pie. but no one wants to get there hands dirty.. its that simple..

  10. Don´t believe this. It is a kind of demonstration sponsored by politicians. In 2014 we will have election for president of Brazil. Did you understand? There are so many politicians that really like of power.

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