Joe Rogan Experience #842 – Chris Kresser

Chris Kresser is a health detective specializing in investigative medicine, blogger, podcaster, teacher and a Paleo diet and lifestyle enthusiast.

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  1. Mindblowing. The ethical comparison is a bit sqewed though. As cows often eat mass produced agricultural matter; which means first you kill the moles etc. to feed the cow, so you can eat the cow… Everyone dies, so we can stuff our faces. Reminds me of the artwork "The King" by Steve Cutts.

  2. Joe, why don't you have well recognized scientists that are proponents of a plant-based whole food diet on hour show, such as Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn? You'd get a whole different perspective from bonafide scientists with fact-based scientific data. Keep in mind, a vegan can eat fried Twinkies; not a plant-based whole food dieter. Also, the point that it is unnatural for grown individuals to drink milk, especially from other species is nothing to laugh at – it really doesn't make sense.

  3. Really interesting show. Have been a vegan for 12 months and can relate to what he's saying about the "short term" health benefits that has come with he diet (weight less, more energy, better skin, gym PBs etc). Am open to the idea that this could be explained by any improvement in diet, though I don't think I had a terrible diet when I was an omnivore. I'm not sure too many of their attempts to argue moral or ethical arguments are productive (i.e. laughing and calling them ridiculous), but I am intrigued about Sam Harris' mollusc idea. Plenty to ponder. Moving forward, I will remain vegan and monitor my health, and am very excited for the functional medicine movement to become mainstream (and affordable!).

    Am relatively new to Rogan but have crammed a lot of episodes into the last couple of months. The best thing I have learned is to not become too attached to any ideology to the point that I when am confronted with new evidence I immediately defensive.

    Life story over…

  4. I enjoyed this a lot. Been a vegan for almost 4 years and I go about it from a very logical perspective. I agree completely with all his vegan supplement recommendations. Veganism isn't a perfect diet and it's important to know what the pitfalls are. It makes perfect ethical sense not to support the meat industry in order to protect human interest on the planet long term so that's why I choose it as a form of activism but there are definitely things to be aware of before deciding that path.

  5. I came to watch this after lots of research around particular diets meant to improve health and I think it is a great discussion and quite educational. Also, read several comments and wonder why folks are complaining about the 'entertainment' value as this is meant to be educational; no?

  6. I hope for the sake of humanity that this guy is gay. If this is what a straight male is in the western world than we are fucked. Definition of beta male.

  7. this guy makes SUCH CLAIMS that are not even justified properly.. like YES fire gave us the ability too cook meat into a more rich dense food BUT also made available other calorie and nutrient dense food that other wise we can not eat like POTATOES, CORN, and GRAINS… so brain evolution its much broader than JUST meat.. also study a little history and you will see that ancient cultures were based on things like corn and wheat.. culture and civilization DIDNT EXIST on a paleo diet.. so i will say back to you, that all the knowledge and the "possibility of having that conversation" is also based on GRAINS, AND POTATOES, AND CORN.. SO SHUT UP…

  8. Johns Hopkins Medical University study in 2016. Search it for yourself. Every week 5000 people are killed in hospitals from preventable causes. Yes ! 5000 per week. More than one 911 every week. Have a nice hospital stay, folks.

  9. Woah hold the phone lol so you just get done saying these processed corn, soybean, and canola oils are horrible for your health. Then you mention a study that is supposed to say butter is healthy when compared to those. That's like saying smoking cigarets is good for you because in a study, smoking meth was much worse.

    Does anyone have an good studies on the benefit of saturated fats in your diet? I want to read them, but these guys always mention studies comparing it to processed oils or I even saw one comparing it to McDonald's breakfast sandwiches lol

    Please link me some studies

  10. 1:20:30 whataboutism detected. because if a combine accidentaly kills a mole it must be okay to kill a cow, lol. some of this talk is not so bad, some of the counter-vegan points (like this one) are plain bananas.
    EDIT: 1:38:45 same shit all over again lol. what has a fawn hiding in a field have to do with slaughterhouses…

  11. so nutritional yeast doesn't have B12? to my knowledge it is literally like all B12…

    also the science he references is all industry funded. i don't see broccoli farmers funding the studies.

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