VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – May,13 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: the Taliban launches what it says is a spring offensive to ‘cleanse’ the country, the Mexican army kills a founder of the Zetas drug cartel, at least 15 people are killed in a soccer game stampede in the D.R. Congo, and Israeli politicians ask that Jewish settlers who carry out hate crimes are classified as terrorists.

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Taliban Ups Attacks Across Afghanistan
The group says it will cleanse the country of ‘the filth of the infidels’ as foreign forces prepare to leave the country for good.

Army Kills Zetas Founder in Gunfight
Violence returns to the region where the country’s drug wars began.

More than a Dozen Killed in Soccer Match Stampede
Panic ensues after police fire tear gas after harassment from angry fans.

Politicians Urge Government to Condemn Extreme Settlers
Officials from left, right and centrist parties want those who carry out hate crimes to be classified as terrorists.

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23 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – May,13 2014

  1. i don't get it. everyone sides with Israel, but they where given land that was taken from people that had nothing to do with the bullshit there bible says. and on top of that they continue to push more people out of their homes but sense its just muslims, fuck'em huh? RELIGION POISONS EVERYTHING.

  2. Israel thinks about persecuting extreme right wing settlers?
    That's it! I am now convinced that the end of days is coming soon!

    (This comment was written tongue in cheek)

  3. I suppose a dead drug cartel leader is never a bad thing. Still, until America stops artificially driving up the value of drugs to unfathomable prices killing a bunch of guys will never solve the problem.

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