Freestyle Bullfighters Are Bringing The X Games To The Rodeo (HBO)

Freestyle bullfighting is kind of like the skateboard vert ramp event at the X-games, except the ramp has two massive horns, weighs 1,500 pounds, and desperately wants to kill you.

The rules are simple – you’ve got 60 seconds to pull off as many tricks as possible. The more dangerous and stylish, the more points. You also get points for how ferocious your opponent is. Whoever gets the most points walks home with the cash.

VICE News got ringside with a young star in the bullfighting world to find out why he won’t just settle down and get a nice, safe, desk job.

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33 thoughts on “Freestyle Bullfighters Are Bringing The X Games To The Rodeo (HBO)

  1. Tricks with a bull in a ring is better that killing a bull in a ring unlike MEXICO witch kill the bulls. bull riding is in the middle its a yes and and a no because they dont try to kill the bulls👍

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