Mosul Residents Are Rebuilding The Demolished City On Their Own (HBO)

July marked a year since Iraq declared Mosul to be completely liberated from ISIS — but much of the city is still in ruins.

With the fighting over, the world’s interest in Mosul has waned, so too have international commitments to help with the massive task of rebuilding.

Iraq says it needs $88 billion to repair all the damage caused during the battle to drive Islamic State fighters from the country. So far, it’s only received a fraction of that — and the U.S. has said it won’t help with the shortfall.

On the ground, it means there are still neighborhoods that are ghost towns, with block after block of destroyed homes and endless piles of rubble yet to be removed. It’s estimated that the bombardment of Mosul left more than 10 million tons of debris behind.

For many Mosul residents, the process of trying to rebuild their lives is swamped in dysfunction or bureaucracy — and frustration is beginning to rise.

“The U.S. and all countries who caused this war have a moral duty to reconstruct this area,” Mosul resident Bandar al-Akidi told VICE News. “The U.S. paid millions of dollars to buy weapons and missiles to wage war on this region and liberate it by any means. It should equally pay millions of dollars to reconstruct it.”

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28 thoughts on “Mosul Residents Are Rebuilding The Demolished City On Their Own (HBO)

  1. The US is the true evil empire. They have pillaged Iraq and massacred its people, and they have the audacity to now scream 'America First' as if they are the victims rather than the victimizers.

  2. I believe the US should pay a portion like maybe 5% of the entire city and send either college students or troops to help with the rebuilding. I mean lets be honest the US airstrikes probably destroyed that much to help out the ground troops.

  3. The US helped the Iraqi army bomb ISIS, now they want the US to rebuild everything too?

    Do you know who called most of these air strikes? The Iraqi soldiers themselves. They prefer American bombs to do most of the work which is why the city was so heavily damaged. Not even Fallujah in 2006 look this bad when American soldiers were retaking a city. The Iraqi soldiers are more reliant on air power than US soldiers.

    The Iraqi army failed to defend an entire city when they outnumbered a couple of men with pick up trucks, the Iraqi army nearly fell apart when those same guys in pick up trucks rode all around North Western Iraq taking even more territory. There are loads of footage of armor, uniforms and equipment just laying on the floor and Iraqi soldiers being executed by the thousands.

    When they were retaking the city of Mosul their most elite unit prefer to sit in the armored vehicles while ISIS surrounded them and pick them off until they panic retreat, so they level each block before they took each step. This is why Mosul is destroyed.

  4. Why aren't the western government not helping rebuild Iraq?? They helped destroy the bloody country.Buy now they get left to fend for themselves.But saying that will the money go to to reconstruction or in the pockets of the corrupt..

  5. What about the 30k+ martyrs from the South of Iraq who went to the north to clean it up from ISIS and who now have no recognition or pay for their sacrifice? or are the sunnis always the victims?

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