VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – March 19, 2014.

The VICE News Capsule is a daily roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: North Korea’s crimes against humanity, the Street Child World Cup, Greenpeace activists arrested and 220 migrants detained in Thailand.

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Kim Jong-Un to be Liable for Crimes, Eventually
UN investigators will begin pressing for North Korea to be held liable for crimes against humanity, as documented in a UN report in February.

Street Child World Cup in Brazil
The Street Child World Cup is set to begin in Brazil next week, giving homeless kids a chance to play each other in an international tournament.

Greenpeace Activists Break into Nuclear Power Plant
20 Greenpeace activists were arrested after breaking into the Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant in eastern France.

Authorities Detain 220 Migrants Hiding in a Jungle Camp
Thai authorities detained 200 migrants they believe are victims of a human trafficking ring.

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27 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – March 19, 2014.

  1. Ummm. Thos people don't look Turkish. 
    I'm Turkish and I think I know what my kind look like.
    Those people have asian features such as the eye shape and facial feature more fitting from a Turkic country such as Krysgystan, Uzbek, Kazakhs, or maybe Tjikistan but deff not Turkish.

  2. The UN?? The un is the modern joke!! Can make an example by signing bush the wmd king and obozo the drone master, it looks like as if the un could only be used to please the world's most powerful countries and they can be exempt! I wished they could be turned in!!

  3. France built most of their nuclear power plants along the border to germany, so that if something happens they're screwed … they keep relying on this energy source instead of trying to make the transmission to green and sustainable energy without atomic waste …

  4. As if those 220 muslims arnt the chinese muslims from the fucking plane thats gone missing!?!? And 19 of the passengers worked for a company to make planes invisible to radar…. 220+19=239….. How many passengers were there in total??…..239……
    Were did this plane dissapear?? Just off fucking thailand are you serious!?!???

  5. More power to the Street Child World Cup, but would it be more productive to use the money shipping these kids around the world to actually elevate these (and others) street children off the… you know… street?

  6. Nuclear energy is hugely more efficient and reliable than wind turbines. It also doesn't pollute the air or contribute to climate change like fossil fuels. It is clearly our best option at the moment. These "greenpeace" environmentalists are borderline retarded for ignoring the benefits of nuclear energy.

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