Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang

North and South Korea are, both legally and philosophically, in a state of war. While the guns may be silent, the conflict between the two countries has now become one of propaganda.

With the assistance of the Human Rights Foundation, North Korean defectors now in South Korea have been launching hydrogen-filled balloons across the 38th parallel — carrying both money and propaganda. In late 2014, a balloon launch sparked a brief exchange of gunfire between North and South Korean soldiers, and even more recently, Pyongyang has promised that hellfire will rain on South Korea if any copies of the controversial Hollywood comedy The Interview make it across the border.

VICE News traveled to Seoul to meet frontline soldiers in this information war — and to attend a clandestine launch of propaganda balloons into the Hermit Kingdom.

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24 thoughts on “Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang

  1. This was very poorly organized. They should have used a few thosand party ballons with very straight forward, non-biased and informative propaganda. Actually check the wind and set them loose through out different hours of the night so that they don't all end up being duds. This is just shit off the top of my head… Nice gesture from their part I guess

  2. Interesting idea to send physical information over. However, what happens when a citizen picks it up? They get caught. They die. Period. Not to mention they are a brainwashed people….how many would keep it instead of hand it over? My guess is not many. It’s a stupid way due to the danger to not only NK people but SK as a whole. Foolish. There are better ways.

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