What Is The Future Of Evangelicalism? | VICE on HBO (Bonus)

White evangelicals comprise a third of all Republican voters and are among the GOP’s most organized voting blocs. But wide support for Donald Trump in 2016, against a backdrop of scandals, has brought heavy media scrutiny and now some faith leaders are striving to move evangelicalism away from political associations. Gianna Toboni travels to the Bible Belt to see how evangelicals are navigating today’s volatile political environment.

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26 thoughts on “What Is The Future Of Evangelicalism? | VICE on HBO (Bonus)

  1. Whats the future…they already have that covered and in the works for the past 6 years.
    Moving into the self help and business NLP areas.
    Joyce Myers have been at it for years now, pretty much wrapping up her bible bashing in the teachings from self help books.
    Creflo Dollar and Joel Olsteen are doing the business end.

    Some of the worst Hippocrates and brain washing cults are Pentecostal Evangelicalism. severely evil!

  2. Evangelicalism == Corporatism.
    Priest: You like tax cuts!
    Follower: YES!
    Result: 10$ tax reduction for average folks, 1 000 000$ tax cuts for corporations and 1 000 010$ reduced in education budgets for your kids or maybe just a 500 000$ reduction in schooling budget and an increase in road fees to recoup the rest. Happy motoring. Oh, you pay more than 10$ for using the road?!? Guess you got screwed then. Hallelujah.
    Next week: Priest: You like tax cuts!

  3. This was so good in just 5 short minutes. I love how the journalist Gianna Toboni is able to ask questions that draw out comprehensive responses and be so calm cool and collected in an hearing out an opinion that I am guessing she doesn't agree with at all.

  4. i am an agnostic progressive but he has a point in the left overestimating how progressive a lot of people are or sneering at those unlike them. Of course trans people should not be discriminated against but i think the point he was making is that evangelicals fear too much change too fast and felt sneered at by the left. %yis never makes anyone behave like their best self.

  5. Evangelicals so desperate so deeply distorted so blind looking for God and praying their little butts off – so afraid of the reality they have created – blinded and committed to their own lies – you out there praying to God are you sure you have chosen the right God? Has that God answered you has that God made you Junger, did that God make you rich, did that God cure your cancer or let the new kidney or liver or heart or and or leg or eyes you so desperately needed to grow again? did he save your child or wife or husband brother or sister mother father from dying- all these things you have been praying for secretly because you are a narcissistic egomaniac a lier – no I know, nothing, your God gave you nothing and you know your God is going to give you nothing because you know your God works in mysterious ways your God just ignores you.

  6. This is pure propaganda for the left… that's why the movement is now called #walkaway…. We are tired of liberals making every other religion valued while discounting Christianity completely… Another tactic used by Satan…. Every other religion is against transgenderism, but you will never hear any of it in the news… and it generally punished much more severely in those religions…. And if anyone wants to see corruption… I'm from NY… Democrats are the most corrupted politicians around…. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THE NEW YORK TIMES…..

  7. To me, religion and government are just the 2 arms that rules together. The problem is that GOP understands that by underfunding education in their district and fill that vacuum with religion now they have a base that isn't well-educated and lack critical thinking but faithful to god and their party. Sadly, the GOP base and their agenda mostly doesn't hurt me but instead hurt the very people that supports them. Gas company isn't polluting my air or my water as severely. My insurance company isn't bankrupting me and make me live under a bridge. Where it hurts me is that we aren't progressing together in this very competitive world.

  8. Ha Ha, the "de-churched", it's called freedom my friend. Then he dives right into the brain washing nonsense of what "Jesus' intended. The bible was right about one thing, "The truth will set you free", and the truth is, religion is bullshit that is designed to bring in the money and keep the power in the hands of the few. Think about that next time you are asked for a donation and how they will sell you a line of bullshit about how that donation is seed money that will make you more wealthy. When your money goes from your account to theirs, it is gone forever, never to return. Math does not lie, those taking your money and giving nothing in return do lie.

  9. Love the beginning segment, pastor Matt is right, these people are scared and reacting to something unfamiliar. Interesting how he said they didn't have a religious leader to help them understand things. I'm thinking the problem is the lack of critical thinking and independent thought. Those things are always at odds with religion. It's odd how they are willing to make a deal with the devil to maintain what is familiar.

  10. I would have voted for Trump in the first election and I would vote for him again if I was American. He is no more immoral than Hillary or Obama…he's been a public figure for years and wasn't able to hide his dirty laundry, unlike other political leaders. I think Trump speaks his mind and is refreshingly honest. A blessing to America and the world.

  11. The faster these cultists die off, the faster they are shuttled back to the extreme fringe of our society, the better off we'll be. They've given Christians such a bad name.

  12. It ain’t just evangelicalism specifically its In General Radical-Christianity which is a main issue what drove me off I’m Ex-Christian I was Episcopalian currently I’m Partial-Pagan/Buddhist and am WAY more happier

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