Joe Rogan Experience #876 – Chris Bell

Chris Bell is a director, producer and writer, known for his documentaries “Bigger, Stronger, Faster*”, “Trophy Kids”, and “Prescription Thugs” and his latest project is on the controversy surrounding the plant Kratom.

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  1. The Thai Government is considering REVERSING its Ban on Kratom. Please report on that. It may already be on the Law Makers agenda. Joe, please Report on this change in attitudes in Thailand urgently – its needed, as is the need to increase public awareness as to why it was banned in the 40’s in the first instance. 👌

  2. So glad you are raising awareness on this amazing supplement Joe. I have heard dozens of “success” stories over the last 12 months – especially folks taking this to GET themselves OFF hard DRUGS (70% Pharmaceutical’s, 30% Heroin and such) this natural product is a life saver for MILLIONS of Americans.
    Please keep your weight behind this and keep it from becoming ANOTHER black market purchase.

  3. I suffer from fibromyalgia and just came across the documentary on Netflix while in a severe attack. I sent my husband to the store to get me some and I am feeling better after a couple hours!

  4. There is a lot of contradictory information on where to buy this, which is better for what, how much to take, etc, etc. I've had 3 spine surgeries and am in pain 24/7 even though I take 75mg of Morphine sulfate and 30mg Oxycodone every day. I would LOVE to get off this crap but due to the pain, I cannot. I can totally relate to Chris Bell's struggle and desire to get off this crap. I really want to try Kratom but there is just too much contradictory info. I watched the movie a Leaf of Faith and saw towards the end the guy with Chris Bell was buying truckloads of Kratom and said that he tests each batch 3 times for purity, etc.

    **Can someone recommend, one or two specific places and one or two specific "strains" that I should try.

    I've seen where people list off 20 places and 20 strains but then how do I pick one of them? I've seen a person recommend a place then the next comment someone says that same place ripped them off or that the kratom was junk. I am disabled and cannot afford to buy 30 bottles of this from 20 different places just to figure out which one is good and which strain works for me. I'm also a single father and recently returned to college so I cant risk a month of trying all these different things that may have bad side effects (due to the contents not being what they say they are).

    It is also really difficult to believe that this one thing will help all of my ailments… Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Energy, Sleep.

    How can it provide energy and better sleep (those are typically opposite drugs)?

    I've taken 14 different antidepressants over the years and every one of them made things worse, some drove me to attempt suicide and I totally blame it on big pharma hiding study results and making their drugs out to be safer than what they are, combined with doctors who insist I take something and keep trying all these different things when they clearly do more harm than good.

    I really like the sound of what this plant can do for me but it just sounds too much like the hundreds of weight loss miracle pills that dont do anything except empty my wallet!

  5. So many inaccuracies. I wish I could sit down with Chris and help him shape his message. Keeping kratom legal is very important to me, but I'm afraid that we need to be extra sure about the details we spread and claims we make. Message here is roughly good, but so many details are not quite correct. Someone opposed who sees this, then does more research, might start to question this source and support for kratom overall. I am glad the message is getting out though. Thank you for putting in the hard work.

  6. I come to this podcast from Chris Bell's Documentary "A Leaf of Faith." Great documentary and it opened my eyes to the POSSIBILITY of Kratom being beneficial. It is sad watching this podcast and thinking Chris is indeed still very much into addiction. His speech is pressured, he doesn't let Joe Rogan finish a sentence and he sounds more fanatical than the opposition trying to ban the drug. He should know the "opioid epidemic" is politicized and it is not much different than before. Yet he uses the wording of the "epidemic" to correlate "Kratom could solve the opioid epidemic." LOL. He truly sounds high, he doesn't have any humility, speaks of the woman who lost her son almost without any remorse or regard and just plain is on Adderall or taking ridiculous amounts of this drug as he's clearly on a stimulant type of high. Anyone around addiction all the time or recovery knows people in recovery are not this tangential. Surprised no one is calling him out. Kratom is NOT ALL bad…but it is NOT ALL good either. Lost a lot of respect for Bell from this Podcast. He doesn't even know dosing schedules, doesn't know how to tell Joe how to take it AND he appears to be searching for the "right answer" when Joe asked him how often he takes it and how much he takes.

  7. I take a half oz. of powder at a time which equates to 25 capsules on average. I get high off of a single 30mg oxycodone pill either snorted or swallowed or 50mg of hydrocodone swallowed (vicodin, norco, etc.) So when I hear people trying kratom and say it's bunk, they just don't take enough. i'd say an opioid/opiate naive person should try around 5 grams (perhaps a little less) which is around 4-8 capsules depending on the gauge size of the capsule.

  8. I'm a daily use medical cannabis patient, and get top shelf bud from my caregiver. After a decade of MMJ, 20yrs of Rx opiates & narcotics, It's crystal clear how addictive & dangerous big pharma drugs are, while cannabis has no negative side effects! If you are taking it medicinally, you won't get the stereotypical couch-locked, lazy, munchies-hunter in the stereotypes. I usually hit my bong 3-5× a day & have edibles I make myself 1-2× a day. The only side effects I get are dry mouth & maybe too deep in thought for too long. Boy, did I come up with tons of awesome ideas & philosophies while baked!! I still have to take hydrocodone while I'm having painful proceedures every few weeks for over a year, but I wouldn't be able to even swallow anything without MMJ controlling my 24/7 severe nausea! The dozen drugs I was on at age 27 finally shut down my kidneys & I had heart failure, so I had to switch to MMJ once I got home. It was only because of that miracle plant that I made it through recovery & to age 34.
    I only tried Kratom a few times & didn't notice anything from it, so maybe it's not for me, but wouldn't mind trying capsules one day!!

  9. I was on heroine, then methadone, then suboxone & now I'm on kratom. It's really helped a lot, without it I'd be very sick right now but instead I'm here at work getting shit done, not high, not feeling totally amazing BUT I'm ok 🙂

  10. Oh the self righteous drug addict… Chris is a douche. Even if you got hurt I don’t care what you chose to take what ever you took. Then chose to continue doing it instead of stopping. I’ve don’t too many roxys even heroin. No one made me do that shit I just wanted to be high. Don’t be a pussy

  11. Thank You so much for this video!! I have been taking kratom for over a year. I started taking it for depression and anxiety. After taking this for awhile I realized my chronic neck and shoulder pain was gone. Now that being said, I also smoke cigarettes and drink coffee. What I can tell you is I go weeks at a time without kratom with no side effects other than the anxiety and pain I had before hand. But I go a couple hours without coffee or cigarettes and I will be ready to kick someones ass. You can buy both of those at your neighborhood grocery store!!

  12. I'm addicted to sushi and sashimi, would kratom help with that?
    I mean I am really addicted, had the parasites to prove it, but I know nothing can help with my sorry disease.

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