The Rise of Mexican Black Tar Heroin

As the rate of opioid addiction has surged in the United States, Mexico has become the world’s third-largest producer of opium used to process heroin. Mexican cartels are now the primary suppliers of the drug to the US, producing a crude and unrefined form known as black tar.

VICE News travels to the fertile mountains of western Mexico, where we see the beginning of the path black tar heroin takes to the US on plantations growing poppies used to make opium. We then head across the US border to witness the human cost there of the lucrative but destructive heroin trade.

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22 thoughts on “The Rise of Mexican Black Tar Heroin

  1. Why is weed illegal again? You ever see a pothead look like that or get sick when they run out. Nope, no overdoses either, hmmmmm. Also, why are we not invading Mexico and killing these fucks, I don't know anyone that died on 9/11, but I cant even count on my hand all the ppl I've known growing up that are now dead from heroin, and I guarantee almost everyone knows someone that's either on it, dead from it, or in jail for it, seems like a big threat to our "Freedom", instead we're in the #1 country that grows poppy (Afghanistan), and we sure are not burning the fields down, hmmmm. LOL, they only showed them burning weed hahahaah these ppl are so fake.

  2. Over 40,000 people in Mexico were Murdered by these drug Cartels. Now, WHO is actually responsible for arming funding and supporting these Cartels that have made ALL of Mexico a Cesspool of corruption and Despair? It is OUR drug users,,Stoners, Tweakers and Junkies,,if not for THEIR habitual use of street drugs (which is also connected directly or Indirectly to 63% of ALL crime committed in OUR country as well) these Subhuman animals that run and work FOR these cartels would NOT have the MONEY=POWER to do so. So, ALL this blood is on YOUR hands.

  3. im all for the decrim or even a program to replace methadone with heroin, methadone has proven to be in-effective and really srves as a way to keep using junkies functioning in-between opiate-use. Get these people out of the spiral of theft, prostitution and rough living, remove the source of revenue from these cartels and work towards a harm reduction solution as the "war of drugs" is really a farce…

  4. You heard the farmer of the poppy field. They stop producing Marijuana as much because the USA has legalized weed in some states. So the solution is to legalize all the drugs and let humans make the decision on what goes in their body. The government should not act like a parent and baby every bad decision people make. We should get educated and appreciate life.

  5. Originally, we are servant of God. So that is our nature, to take shelter. Everyone is seeking a nice shelter. Somebody's seeking some occupation, service of some big man. Somebody's seeking oc…, servitorship of the government, government servant. But the ultimate shelter is Kṛṣṇa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

  6. Those military people are there to do what!!! All I just saw was they stealing from the grower??? OK,they destroy most of the plant but in the other hand they take some to do morphine and other etc, this is so stupid, if a plant is that bad to be illegal or should I said shouldn't be existed, then why still take it and use it on other as plain killer!!! I guess it's only for the upper to be able to use or take and would be OK??? but not those who have grown it???….this world is full of shit……lots of shame!!!

  7. The US got control of the poppy production in Afghanistan and other middle east countries for the pharmaceutical industry to make pain medication, now you go to pain clinics in the US and you see so many people waiting to see the pain management doctor to fill their pills of opiates

  8. Every fucker who defends weed and says it's harming nobody… watch this fucking video! because you need to be baked, thousands of souls suffer and die. It's no joke there. If your little brains can think at least a little you figure that out.

  9. This was always going to happen. Poppies are a hardy plant that can grow in places like Mexico while coca plants don't grow well outside the Andes. The Cartels would be crazy not to have invested in opiate production from a business standpoint. Meanwhile Big pharma has been priming the US for opiate addiction, ready made customer's for Mexican made heroin

  10. Legalize it, not all drugs only heroin at first. Make the poor farmers grow them within the country and not the already rich farmers. Control the quality, quantity wise let them produce how much they can, preserve it and sell some to pharma companies all over the world. Make heroin cheap, and like weed, limit the amount one can buy in a day. Make them check-in clinics made for heroin users to get checked up and signature of Doctors to be able to continue to buy heroin. Decriminalize it, change it into a medication. Let the users be able to work if under a specific amount of dosage(they can properly work, from experience) If caught stealing or any form of crime, suspend their permit indefinitely until they prove themselves able to work for it. Maximum penalty without remorse for illegal heroin sellers and pushers. If this works, try it with another drug one at a time. Tax gains, less crime, stopping or ultimately minimizing cartel hold on the drug and people, employment for thousands of people, abundance of high grade opium for painkillers which we will always need anyway.

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