JRE MMA Show #41 with TJ Dillashaw & Duane Ludwig

Joe is sits down with UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw & Duane “Bang” Ludwig.

41 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #41 with TJ Dillashaw & Duane Ludwig

  1. It seems like there's no middle ground for chiropractors. I personally had a bulging disk causing so much pain I thought I had a kidney stone in my side, and after 3 sessions on one of those medieval realignment benches (kind of pulls your spine apart gently) I have, and have had since, zero pain doing all my normal exercises. I couldn't even sit down without grunting like an old man before

    And a side note to run on. You cant argue the absurdity of early day chiropractics to modern day. 150 years ago "real" doctors were putting mercury on peoples chest to cure their heart burn.

  2. When you’re a. Champion you don’t move down to get a belt you move up that’s a pussy move tj should be more up and fight max at 145 Henry as just won the belt I like to no how comes Henry as all them belts he give 2 a way two his team and lost one how the work when you have won one belt ???????????????? It’s 🥜 nuts

  3. The dude garbrant is irrelevant right now, he could at least be humble and come forward admitting his wrong doings. He could congratulate tj, look at how Conor handled his loss to Nate Diaz and mayaeather. Cody needs to mature, he’s not there yet and his times ticking.

  4. Everything they say about mma i say about the fixed ass nba. They dont hav passion, theyre all instagram models. Its people on tv that dont hav an idea how to play lol. Its the world we live in. They literally must hand pick people witn no knowledge of the sports. They are the stephan a smiths. Like you see ufc has joe rogan and michael bisping, relevant analysts. No jalen rose or shannon sharpe lol its jus past theyre time. Idk i ramble sometimes. But like joe has a passion about mma, and is always learning. Every other sport is a washed person amazed at how athletic people are these days. Lol like lets get a young guy thats not amazed at everything to portray to the that thats all it is is some extra hard work at ya craft. Not people with not intellect on how to achieve it. Fuckin gets 81 scored on him by kobe hes talking about basketball to the youth. Lol

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