Therapists Are Using VR Headsets To Cure Phobias (HBO)

VICE News correspondent Dexter Thomas is absolutely terrified of heights. A tiny startup called Limbix thinks they can cure him with a VR headset.

Now that virtual reality is getting cheaper, it’s becoming a more accessible option for use in exposure therapy. It allows, for example, a therapist to take their patient to a plane, or a cave full of spiders, or a street corner where they were mugged ten years ago — all without the cost and danger of “in vivo” treatment.

Dexter Thomas went to Palo Alto to test out what some people are hoping will be the next big thing in therapy.

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42 thoughts on “Therapists Are Using VR Headsets To Cure Phobias (HBO)

  1. daamn, I have also had that feeling he was describing in the beginning, of being afraid of jumping off buildings. I have never heard anyone else talk about it, but i also have OCD symptoms and always felt like they were responsible for that. Such an interesting relief to hear someone else talk about it, although i have no idea what form of OCD it would be defined as.

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